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It sounds like John Lynch is seriously leaning towards retirement

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    I think that if both of these guys do come back, it's not like it could really hurt our team.

    Think about it. The worst that could happen to Rod, is that he would be a fourth option on offense. That means Jay has 3 other options to go to before looking towards Rod on the throw. If those 3 aren't open, I'm sure Rod would be.

    John Lynch. Yes, the man has lost a step. Hence, that is why he was taken out of passing plays. The man is still a great run stopper. Yesterday he led the team with nine tackles... and that's with a team throwing more because they were behind. Lynch could simply again be substituted out for someone who is better on obvious passing downs.


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      John played awesome last night, I told my friend who is a huge Lynch fan like myself as we were sitting at the game "He's playing like he's never going to play again." But he was amazing yesterday, all over the field..just awesome. Maybe he has one year left in him....just one John please!!!
      ...capture it...remember it...


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        Originally posted by JohnElwayAce07 View Post
        Winning the game probably will convince him to stay another year to give it another shot at the championship

        ROFL yeah that one game winning streak started agianst the mighty VIKINGS im sure gives Lynch hope that we will steam roll through opponets next year on our way to the Championship...

        If Lynch stays (and thats a big if) it will have NOTHING to do with that game yesturday that we barley won.


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          Originally posted by Snapping Turtle View Post
          just one John please!!!
          I'm sure we've heard that saying before!


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            Coach Lynch

            Time to bring him in as secondary coach. Don't let this one slip away!!!!!


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              I would love it if Lynch would come back for another season. He is a tremendous leader and awesome player. I admire his passion and work ethic. Then on the other hand he has to do what he thinks is the best thing for him. If he needs to walk away from the game as a player then so be it. There are alot of NFL veterans that live in so much pain everyday due to the injuries they sustained on the football field. I don't want Lynch to be one of those guys. I also think that Lynch would make a great coach.