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    Originally posted by Aija View Post
    ENGELBERGER (Nothing against him but they insist on starting this guy)
    Because of injury he starts, because he gives 100% on every play, and beacuse he probably works his butt off in practice. I know he does not set the world of fire but I can not understand why people have such a thing against John.
    Thanks WhiteDragon! Last years 1st RD Mock
    GM Draft-#24-CB Aqib Talib Kansas
    #54-WR Earl Bennett Vandy
    #85-G Roy Schuening OSU
    #114(via HOU-Pacman Trade) TE Brad Cottam TEN
    #120 LB Ben Moffit USF
    Block: TE Troupe RB Brown DT Starks


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      Can I only pick 3?

      Ian Gold - A perennial underachiever and definitely not worth what he's getting paid.

      Nate Jackson - A perennial waste of a roster spot. Really, what is the organization's love affair with him?

      Mike Shanahan - Okay, so not completely out, just out as GM. He should be the head coach to concentrate on what he does best.


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        1. Bates

        2. Ian Gold

        3. Jeff Shoate


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          Originally posted by ckstorm182000 View Post
          1. Bates

          2. Ian Gold

          3. Jeff Shoate
          Jeff Shoate got cut like a month ago


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            1. Daniel Graham 2. Travis Henry 3. John Lynch


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              bates, bates, bates, bates, bates, bates, bates, bates, bates, and i dont know...BATES!

              Go Broncos


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                1. John Lynch (he cant cover my grandma, he is way too slooooow)

                2. Travis Henry (no explosion too slow to the hole, looks to run outside all the time)

                3. Hamza (this guy fears contact we outta bring D Smith and Atwater back just to kick his ass!)


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                  All kidding aside, probably

                  Javon - No reason to have a player that doesn't want to be here
                  Henry - did almost nothing for us this season positive past the first few games
                  Bates - I'm alright for giving the defense a possible second chance, but still wouldn't care if he left


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                    Originally posted by Beast#7 View Post
                    Mike Bell

                    Domonique "Big Head" Foxworth

                    Travis Henry.
                    WHY??? he is really good, id like to see him play a little bit more though, good in pass coverage.

                    my 3
                    Travis Henry
                    Glenn Martinez....and bring back David Kircus!!

                    try wont work


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                      If salary hits are not part of the deal then:

                      1. Dre Bly

                      2. Travis Henry

                      3. Javon Walker (fron what I hear, this just isn't for him)
                      It's not just football, its Broncos Football, there IS a difference!

                      God, why didn't I call Mr. Bowlen back?


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                        Lenny Walls
                        Alfred Williams
                        Roc Alexander


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                          Originally posted by Zoneblock249 View Post
                          Lenny Walls
                          Alfred Williams
                          Roc Alexander
                          but walls is the tallest cb in the league!!!!
                          don't even understand this one, al was great
                          roc is a great dimeback! (on madden)

                          1. stephen alexander (nut punching dbag. never liked him)
                          2. travis henry (not the same since the controversy, stupid enough to be around weed, deadbeat father. POS get rid of the loser)
                          3. ian gold (though i wished he'd just pick up his level of play, he never did. i think we can find someone who is as good in coverage but can actually deal with blockers and occasionaly make a tough tackle. nothing against ian, but he has just been underperforming for the last couple seasons)

                          hamza played well up until week 17 where he had a bad day, i guess people have limited short term memories. i don't know if i want him starting unless he improves more, but he's very solid depth.

                          dre has also played very well this season. i don't know what people's expectations are of cornerbacks anymore; champs season last year was freaking amazing people, it's NOT the norm.

                          i'm not freaking out about what javon said and hope he comes back. i don't see trade value, and if he can get healthy he is still a great wr who will be involved next year (which makes javon happy).

                          give bates another chance to run his actual scheme with some players that actually fit it. this year was a bates/coyer hybrid with hybrid players. let him try and turn it around.

                          dan graham is great, but very overpaid. i don't really want to see him gone, but i do want to see his cost/production ratio to approach 1.

                          "Don't let anyone say you can't do anything. Look what Dee achieved in 24 years."
                          We all Miss you D-Will and Damien. RIP Broncos forever. :salute:


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                            Ian Gold (Winborn is just better and faster in my opinion)

                            Jim Bates Nuff Said

                            Engleberger (His starting time is up now that we get Ekuban back)

                            2013,2014, and 2015 Adopt a Bronco: Champ Bailey, Marvin Austin and Matt Paradis


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                              I want the cancers out of this team:

                              1. 1. Rick Dennison/Heimerdinger - our offense has been run and sputter for the last 2 years. When will Shanny see that it's the play calling that really sucks?
                              2. 2. Bates - I just don't think he's a fit for what we have. I thought we went for D-Line last draft, and now we're still stuck with the same forecast of needing D-Line? W.T.F?
                              3. 3. Javon Walker - Anyone who sits around the locker room with a "me first" attitude is a cancer. Bye Bye.
                              4. 4. Travis Henry - I didn't understand this when they brought him here, and I still don't understand why they didn't let him go during all the crap he went through this season.

                              I know - it's 4, but we need to rid ourselves of more than just 3 cancers on this team.


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                                1. Travis Henry
                                1.5. Dre Bly
                                2. Travis Henry
                                2.5. Ian Gold
                                3. Travis Henry