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    Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
    I'm with you on almost everything. I'm definitely a little higher on Ryan Harris though. Remember, if he had come out his junior season, he was projected as a Top 15 draft pick, very similar to Ryan Clady this year. Injuries and a crappy team helped him fall last draft. Talent-wise, and when healthy, as he apparently is now after his back surgery, he's a top-shelf quality OT, and he's tailor-made to be a LT under our existing scheme.

    I think Pears is a good player to have as well because he filled in for Lepsis fairly well at LT last year, and he played average at RT his first year there this season. At worst, he's a great swing 3rd tackle. I'd assume, if we do draft an OT, we draft a Right Tackle. And there happens to be a Pure RT that fits our schemes that could go anywhere from Mid-1st to late-2nd. That is USC's Sam Baker. And from all accounts, he's slipping to the 2nd round because scouts are convinced he can't play LT in the NFL, only RT. And he's a more versatile under sized OT, then a big mauler. So, I'm thinking he may well slip into the 2nd round and might make a nice option with our early 2nd round pick.
    I posted this in the "Draft Clady" thread. Of course, I'm not sold on Harris considering I've never seen him play. However I've heard a lot of good things about him, first and foremost from Lepsis, also the coaching staff apparently are enamoured with him. Also the fact that he had surgery on a disc raised my eyebrows. However...he's done the standard Broncos OL preparation and should be good to go next season (although expect a few wobbles I guess). I just can't see the management going LT after investing a 3rd in this guy last year. I have to say that the FO's decision to draft Harris was a very good one, give them credit! Also considering that, as MuG says, we got first round talent in the 3rd (not to mention in the 4th as well).

    Pears should be a solid RT for the future, although not Pro Bowl calibre. Granted, he's been a bit wobbly this season but he has had all his NFL experience at LT (although he's a more natural RT). In any case we'll probably hold onto him considering he can play at guard as well. However, I could see us drafting a pure RT if the coaching staff aren't sold on him. The job would be his for a year with the position up for grabs in 2009. I can also see us using one or two picks on interior linemen to compete in 2009. If we keep all the lineman we have at present (assuming that Nalen and Hamilton will be gone in the next two years) it'll give us good competition and depth.

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