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lose Smith and Lynch imo

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    Originally posted by LordTrychon View Post

    But for the record, Rod didn't count against the 53 man roster.

    But his salary did, so agian what is your point?


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      Originally posted by Whiteyford View Post
      why Denver kept Rod Smith and cut Kyle Johnson makes no sense to me. John Lynch proved he is too slow to play safety. Now-a-days a Safety needs extreme make up speed, like the Asemwah guy on the Raiders, or is he a corner... anyway the point is Rod Smith and John Lynch were doing more harm then good.

      also, Walker was basicaly in tears during his video interview in which he broke the news he might be going. Walker has hands, if his knee doesn't swell up at all during the offseason we should hold on to him for dear life, Cutler needs good hand players like Walker because half the time Cutler throws into double coverage.
      Why are people saying he was near tears?

      I saw the interview and he didnt even come close to looking like he was gonna cry. Just looked like he was holding his toungue the whole time, trying not to say the wrong things

      too late
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      dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

      I tried to warn ya.


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        Originally posted by PaperBagBronco View Post
        But his salary did, so agian what is your point?
        His salary would have counted against the cap either way, unless you were ready to cut him at June. If thats the case, then you don't have any loyalty to one of the most beloved broncos in the franchise history.

        But I tell you who DOES have that loyalty.... Pat Bowlen. The man that owns the team, and pays the salaries. The one that HANDS out the money to the players..... HE is the one paying Rod Smith. HE is the one that wanted to keep Rod Smith on this team and on HIS payroll. Thats the point.

        Screw this "we should just shuck them to the side so we can keep some 2nd grade fullback".... Thats exactly how you LOSE a locker room. No thanks. I want a team and organization that shows some pride in their players.


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          ^^^Agreed totally. The only thing I dont agree with you on is Javon Walker but thats a different subject
          sigpicR.I.P Darrent Williams and Damien Nash
          GO BRONCOS


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            Do you honestly think that Marshall would have improved his route running this much on his own? No that is what Rod and he also taught him how to turn up field after he caught the ball. Don't forget most people put him and Jerry Rice in the same boat when turning up field after a catch.

            John Lynch is basically the same thing but he's actually playing as an extra linebacker. He's hardly ever in on passing downs. When it's a passing down they put Foxworth and Paymah in and take Lynch and Webster out. BTW it's only been 2 years without an interception this year and last year.

            We'll do the same thing with Rod that we did this year. He'll come to the mini camp and training camp and all of that but won't do anything but coach. Then we'll put him on the PUP list. Finally we'll put him on injured reserve and he'll finish out his contract as a player and he will retire. Finally we sign him to be our Wide Receivers coach.

            We cut Kyle Johnson because he wasn't a good blocker. They thought Cecil could block better, catch the same, and run better. So obviously you cut him since he couldn't play special teams.


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              Originally posted by Whiteyford View Post
              I'm a hardcore Broncos fan, have been since 1985 (birth). I'm not saying this to anger anyone, it's just what I feel as a fan. John Lynch has 2 things working against him, he's old, and he's white (which most cases means slow, with the exception of Ed McCaffrey in his day). I'm not racist, but that's how it is in the NFL.

              The Broncos are trying to set the record for oldest players still on a team or something, Lynch is in his 12th year, Smith too. I didn't know Smith didn't count against the roster, so I'll take back the Kyle Johnson thing, but yes I did feel cuting Johnson was a mistake, the man could block.

              Also Seldum Young is too small, that's why he's undrafted. All it takes is one big hit and he's done.
              That's the great thing about him being small, we seldom see him caught by the big boys!

              Sorry, couldnt resist.
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