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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    I agree I do want him back for another year, but just to groom a new safety that we pick up in this years draft, and teach Hamzah the ways of tackling.
    That's all I want to see. And I'm sure you guys may change your minds about his playing ability if you give him one more year. It's a win-win situation in my mind.



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      Everytime he was out there this season he still was knocking the hell out of everyone he tackled.....If he does retire we will be loosing one hell of a leader on our team..To play for 15 years and still having an impact is something you cannot look past...

      GO BRONCOS IN 2008


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        'Course I want Lynch back for 1 more year!

        People need to look past his age, and still see his skill. So what if he is 37, or whatever, can he still tackle? Yup. Everytime I see a RB, or TE get the ball, and Lynch coming up, I can 90% guarantee he will make the tackle. I think there was only 1 time this season where John let me down for a missed tackle. But only once? That is pretty damn good in my book.

        Now not only is he STILL a great player, but he is such a leader and role-model for our defense. He has earned the respect of our D, and he should teach them. Look what happened with Al Wilson. See how many people think we faultered because we lost his leadership? Well what do you think is gonna happen when Lynch leaves? Yup.

        Now c'mon, he doesn't get very many big hits anymore, and I think that's why people overlook him and consider him old. But as long as he makes the play, that's all I'm looking for.

        Go Lynch!
        Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

        Team Tebow #16


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          As Much As I like Lynch as a player, I think its time for him to hang it up and retire.

          He's been thinking about retiring since last year. Yes I would like the guy to stick it out for one more year but... look at Lepis this year who would have thought of him retiring.

          He should retire while he has his health and on his own terms. This year may be a year to do so.

          The Old guard of the Broncos are turning it over to a new Guard.

          Lynch you gave us Hard Hits but its time to live out the rest of your life with your family, and watch the Bronco games like the rest of the Bronco Nation. Just do us a favor, if you ever get a job with the NFL network... Deck Dieon Sanders for us
          McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

          Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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            I think this year more then any showed how much Denver needs John Lynch in the defensive secondary. Early in the year when the defense was having trouble grasping Bates' scheme there was john Lynch keeping it all together. when Lynch went out with the injury in the Indianapolis game is when the defense fell apart.

            Plus, he is the most sure tackler we have on our defense. I remember 2 succint plays in the Houston game, one when abdullah( who is not a sure ackler at all) missed the tackle on a RB and allowed him to get the first down. later in the game there was a similar play and Lynch drilled the ball carrier and stopped him a couple of yeards short of the first down. the announcers commented something to the effect, "that is how you make a tackle"

            I do not put much stock in what Broncos mtn_man says. he ran jake Plummer out of town on a rail and now he is trying to do the same to John Lynch. Who's next......Champ Bailey ? I hear that Bailey allowed a few more receptions this year we should get rid of him and put Foxworth out there, right mtn-man?
            A Mile High Salute to the greatest Broncos fan of them all.Tim"Barrelman"McKernan,you have given us so many wonderful memories seeing you in the stands of all the Denver Broncos games over the years supporting the team that we all love

            LETS WIN ONE SUNDAY FOR THE BARRELMAN! You will be missed


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              Here is how it is:

              John Lynch is slow, old

              Seldum Young is too small, he will get hit hard once and be done for the season

              Someone needs to pull that boy Cutler's helmet up, he can't see anything it's pulled too far down
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                John Lynch is one of the hardest working guys in the NFL. He is a really great player. He also puts in some of the most intense workouts in the offseason on his own. He also gives his all on the field as well. I also admire his work off the field as well in helping kids and other charity work.


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                  Originally posted by TheJackal View Post
                  Alright I've heard way too people saying we should get rid of him. Well listen up guys cause I'm going to point out a few things you are obviously too blind to figure out.

                  1) He is not as slow as you think. He can still keep up with most of the TE's in this league, which is what a Strong Safety is required to do as they are often used to cover TE's. He is also the smartest safety in the league and the best at covering the middle of the field where his huge hits have led to many dropped passes (ask Dallas Clark of IND or Chris Henry of CIN if you don't believe me ). Plus when John Lynch has the ballcarrier in his sights ready to break for a big gain you know he won't miss the tackle and he is also one of the best when it comes to zone coverage. The only problem that may arise due to his speed is if a stud WR gets behind him which is why we have 3 other guys in the secondary (Champ, Dre', and Hamza) to make up for that as all three are very fast and very good in coverage. The defensive coaches also try to scheme effectively and make sure he isn't put in that position unless absolutely necessary.

                  2) Also, if we let him go we lose the best run stopper on the team. For instance, he was the only one who could take down MJD by himself in the JAX game. Without him our defense will take a step back in run defense and after what the run did to our defense this year that is unacceptable. He's great at forcing fumbles. Look back at the PIT game in '06. He made future HOFer Heinz Ward fumble it ON THE GOAL LINE, thwarting Pittsburgh's most threatening drive of the 2nd half and swinging the momentum back in our favor. That along with his many great feats in the passing game shows you that he makes plays when we need them.

                  3) You guys also seem to forget that he was almost never 100% this year, affecting his stats. Also like our other defensive stars, Champ Bailey for example, his stats suffered from being on such a horrible defense. His leadership is also invaluable to this team. When our team needs motivation he's the one to stand up, rouse their spirits, and get them back in the game.

                  So I hope by reading this you doubters realize what John Lynch means to this team, this organization, and this community. So please I urge you to support him if he decides to stay and if he does choose to retire to wish him the best. Now I'm not saying we shouldn't draft a safety this year. In fact I hope we do because no one can deny that John is getting old so it would be great if we could draft his future replacement this year so Lynch can mentor him and teach him all he knows which is another reason to hold on to him for as long as possible.

                  Anyway thanks for listening. Feel free to offer support or criticism as you see fit and I hope I didn't come off as disrespectful to anyone who disagrees. Thanks again and take care.
                  Man I love this post,you are right on and I agree 100%..Look at what he brings to the team and rookies,I hope he satys as long as he can play..


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                    Originally posted by broncos_mtnman View Post
                    Yes he is.

                    Considering that we rank near the bottom in the NFL against the run, not your best argument.

                    A sure sign that a player is past his prime is his inability to stay healthy.

                    Yep, he's been great for all of the above. However, even someone who means so much to so many can't beat Father Time.
                    Or cant beat the Bates system???Come on!!


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                      Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
                      I think you called him a strong safety, doesn't he play free safety?

                      In my opinion, this year saw a big drop in his productivity. He's been going to the pro bowl with consistency, but honestly I dont' think he deserved it those years. This year, he didn't go, which shows that the rest of the league realizes he didn't deserve the trip, when he really hasn't deserved it the past couple years. He's still a very smart ball player, but I think it's time to start looking elsewhere.
                      Again,,could be the system??Bates??
                      He was awesome the last few years if I remember right?


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                        Honestly if he decides to retire I’m not going to be too upset with it. If he comes back, that’s fine. I’ll take him back but nor am I hoping or begging to have him back. He’s a liability defending the Pass. He’s just too slow now to keep up with anybody. I love him but I think it’s time to move on.

                        And I just wonder how everybody in the media thinks John Lynch is a Hall Of Famer when I think Steve Atwater was a far better Player John Lynch was and Atwater is still not in. As much as I love #47, sorry, I don’t picture John Lynch as a Bronco, I see him as a Buccaneer.
                        In A Room Called Real, I Stay Forever!


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                          John Lynch has been the epitomy of what a safety should be. He plays the game with passion and is nearly flawless in his technique and angles. He is a mans' man and he has the character you hope for your sons to have when they are grown.

                          Now, having said that, this year he began to show definite signs of aging. Will his play plummet next year? Who knows but aging is progressive? Will he get a second wind? Not likely but it is possible. There are players who have played at a high level for a longer period of time.

                          If John wants to come back next year, great. He may be able to play at a higher level than anyone that we could replace him with based solely on experience. He may not. He definitely has knowledge and experience to pass along. As long as the organization is clear that the best man for the situation plays, it should be John's choice. He has earned that.

                          It is my opinion that he probably would be a role player next year. He has, I beleive, already said that he doesn't want that. I guess the ball is in his court. Whatever he chooses I am okay with. He has earned the right to make that choice but the bottom line is the best man for the situation should be on the field. The other 52 men on the roster are owed that.


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                            John Lynch makes a huge difference on our D.

                            Just think about the game or two he was out this year with his injury. It was completely not the same. The leadership and composure he brings to the field is irreplaceable. Not to mention his talent!

                            For our sake, let's hope he stays another year.