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Hanging on to our corners may be expensive.

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    Originally posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
    Everyone here is looking towards the future... well there it is. Foxworth is the future!

    In my opinion, Dre Bly is just over paid. Sure he makes plays, but he whiffs. (Don't bring up the argument about the run, because he's done it his whole career).

    Who do you want in the long run? A 32 year old corner, or a 25 year old?
    I like Fox, I think he will be great and we should keep him. He suffered this year from our abysmal Dline just like Bailey and Bly.

    But I think we should keep both right now. Improve as much as possible in the Dline. I mean. We didnt have a good Dline coming in to this year, after injuries, well lol. Its not like we had an good Dline that got injuries and had decent backups. those were our backups and they got hurt or played so badly we had to get rid of them. S.Rice anyone.

    Lets get at least , AT LEAST, an average Dline.

    :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!:


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      Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
      Well, if the Broncos are rebuilding as some will claim, then this is exactly what you would do. Trade out your veterans for players that can help you long-term, which for the Broncos, would be trench guys.

      The fact is, it's going to be at least 2-3 seasons before this defense is back to where we expect it to be, if it ever gets back there under Shanahan. By that time, Champ would have reached and probably exceeded his peak.

      Like I said, I know how special and talented Champ is, and I'm not advocating that we trade him per se. But he's the type of player that is a great addition to an already-established defense - not a player you build your squad around. The Broncos need pass rushers, and they'll never get them with Champ's contract UNLESS they luck out with the draft - which given this team's recent history with drafted defensive linemen, doesn't have me too confident.
      Well if you're gonna advocate trading the best player on the team you should offer up more than just vague projections of what YOU THINK his ability will be at the time YOU THINK this defense will be good again.

      Trading Bailey is a horsesht idea, trading Bly is not much better, unless you can replace his playmaking ability, because the alternative is starting Foxworth or Paymah (<---Who I actually think is a good player).......Please, tell me that's not what you're thinking!

      And your assessment of Denver's recent history in drafting defensive lineman doesn't give me any confidence your opinion that Bailey is expendable......
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        Originally posted by BroncosTX77 View Post
        Thanks for the laugh. Houston's front 4 aint that good, YET. Theyve been run all over most of the year and only Williams gets any pressure on QB and most of that 10 sacks came in a 6 game span at end of season. That same 'very good defense with a backup secondary' got lit up and torched by second team offense in Jacksonville. Williams, Okoye, Johnson, and Ryans were held in check the entire game by Jax 2nd team Oline.

        I am a huge Texans fan (guess it comes with living in Houston ) and I believe
        Houston is 1 OLB and S away from being all out nasty defense. Unfortunately they have 1 day 1 pick and also have holes on OLINE still.

        BTW That should tell ya the sad state of Denver's Oline.....
        If you're such a huge Texans fan why didn't you know that Williams had 14 sacks, not 10 and that he had 59 tackles. That's a monster year by anybody's standards.

        Amobi Okoye is just a MONSTER at DT. He's exactly the kind of player the Broncos desperately need. He had 32 tackles and 5 1/2 sacks his rookie year for god's sake! How much better would anybody expect him to play? He's a definite future pro-bowl player and had a solid season.

        Travis Johnson, the other DT was solid with 49 tackles. He wasn't as good as Okoye, but he had a better season than any Broncos DT.

        Demeco Ryans had a great season with 128 tackles. He's only 23 years old in his second season and already he's making people notice him. Another definite pro-bowl player in the future. That was a great steal for the 2nd round!

        As for the Jagwads, they are the most physical team in the NFL and beat up on a lot of people. They might very well wind up in the AFC Championship against the Patriots. So, their physically dominating the Texans in a game doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. They totally dominated the Broncos on both sides of the ball in their game.

        The Texans spent a lot of high #1 draft picks on their defensive line and now it's totally solid with good young players and veterans. Look for that team to get better and better as time goes by because they have what is very difficult to obtain -- a dominating defensive line anchored by Mario Williams and Okoye for years to come.

        If the Broncos 2007 season proved anything it's that Shanahan's ignoring the D-line in the draft for so many years finally caught up with the team. The entire season unraveled because the d-line couldn't stop anybody -- couldn't stop the run and couldn't rush the passer. Thus, they couldn't get off the field and couldn't stop other teams from scoring TDs. Thus, the offense was under intense pressure all the time and couldn't do enough to catch up. Shanahan had to try and run the ball even more than usual because he needed long time consuming drives to keep opposing offenses off the field and give the defense time to breathe. This affected Jay Cutler's effectiveness as well, since the offense could rarely risk throwing deep downfield, because they couldn't risk a 3 and out, since that would put even more pressure on their hapless defense.

        See how everything comes back to the D-line? Having a bad D-line totally ruined the entire season and affected even the offense, what plays Shanahan could call, put tremendous pressure on the offense to catch up all the time and made it tough for the Broncos to beat anybody.

        I think it's a tribute to Shanahan's coaching (and some lucky bounces) that the team won as many as 7 games. They probably should have won 5 if it wasn't for that last-second FG to beat the Bills and the lucky bounce of Shanahan calling time-out before Janikowski kicked the winning FG, followed by him missing the re-try and the Broncos winning.

        Denver has a long way to go to have players as good on their d-line as Houston. Hopefully, next year they will bring in some stud DTs, but until they do it's going to be another long season.
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