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Your Ten Favorite Bronco Moments

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  • Your Ten Favorite Bronco Moments

    I was just wondering what would the top ten moments from the Broncos be for the people on this board. Here is mine.

    1. Broncos first Superbowl win.
    2. Broncos second Superbowl win.
    3. "The Hit" Steve Atwater levels Christian Okoye
    4. Steve Atwater hits Favre in Superbowl
    5. John Elway's 300th touchdown
    6. Shannon Sharpe's bit "killin' the Patriots"
    7. Jason Elam kicks 64 yard field goal
    8. Darrent Williams first interception
    9. "The Drive"
    10. Terrell Davis getting 2,000 yards

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    1. Shannon Sharpe's bit "killin' the Patriots"
    2. Terrell Davis getting 2,000 yards
    3. "The Hit" Steve Atwater levels Christian Okoye
    4. Jason Elam kicks 64 yard field goal
    5. Darrent Williams first interception
    6. Broncos first Superbowl win.
    7. Broncos second superbowl win
    8. Darrent Williams first interception
    9. John Elway's 300th touchdown
    10. "the drive"


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      1. The Broncos making it to Super Bowl XII (Beating the Raiders in the AFC Championship game made it even sweeter)
      2. Winning Super Bowl XXXII
      a. The Helicopter
      b. The Atwater Hit
      c. TD scoring the go-ahead Touchdown
      d. Eddie Mac's block to free Howard Griffith down the sideline
      e. This Ones For John - I still get the chills
      3. The Drive
      4. Terrell Davis 2008 yards
      5. Jason Elam's 63 yard field goal
      6. Rod Smith's first touchdown reception and also his first reception against the 'Skins.
      7. Winning Super Bowl XXXIII
      8. Shannon Sharpe's bit "killin' the Patriots"
      9 "The Hit" Steve Atwater levels Christian Okoye
      10. John Elway's 300th touchdown


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        1. First Super Bowl
        2. Second Super Bowl.
        3. Champ Baileys 99 yard int return against the Pats.
        4.John Elway's "helicopter" dive/run.
        5.Clinton Portis 200+ 5TD game against the Chiefs
        6.2k for TD
        7.Eddy Mac's huge block against some nobody in the Packer super bowl
        8.Jason Elam's 63 yard Field Goal
        9.Rod Smith/Eddy Mac 100+ catch seasons
        10.Darrien Gordons punt returns for touchdowns.


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          in no real order:

          SB XXXII


          Champs int against the pats in the 05 divisional playoff game

          Elways td pass to shannon sharpe. (theres a lot i know but this was the coolest play i'd seen john make. he drops back and a blitzer comes free and right when he's about to hit elway, john ducks, the blitzer goes flying over the top elway gets up and launches a pass to a wide open sharpe. if anyone has that vid i'd love you forever)

          Elam's 63 yard fg

          Beating the Jags in the divisional round of the playoffs in 97

          Last game at Mile High Stadium

          Shannon Sharpe's president call

          Eddy Macs block in sb 32

          TD rushes for 2g's


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            Ok, I'm only 18 years old and my memory of the Broncos dates back to about 1997 so here goes...

            SB XXXII win
            SB XXXIII win
            Elway Helicopter
            Champ 99 yd pick 6 against Pats
            Beating the Pats in the playoffs
            TD getting 2000
            Elam 63 yarder
            Cutler's first start as a Bronco
            Shannon Sharpe trash talk before SB XXXII
            The last drive of the Buffalo game in week 1


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              1. First SB win
              2. Revenge against the Jags
              3. Second SB win
              4. TD getting 2000 yards
              5. Close wins against Miami and Jets in 98'
              6. Elway helicopter
              7. Elway QB sneak for TD in SB. Schlereth on the ground with John.
              Schlereth: So, hows it going?
              John: *laughing* You (expletive) idiot.
              8. Eddie Mac block against the Packers
              9. TD blind play
              10. Beating the Pats in the playoffs.


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                No order

                1. S.B XXXII all of it
                2. S.B. XXXIII all of it
                3. Elams 64 yarder
                4. Gordon's 2 punt returns for TDs against Carolina
                5. Portis 5 TD game against KC
                6. "Call the National Guard" Sharpe
                7. TD 2,000th yard
                8. Atwater/Okoye collision
                9. The Drive
                10. Terrell Davis's tackle in Tokyo, pre-season game

                I could go on for days.


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                  1. Super Bowl 32
                  2. Super Bowl 33
                  3. The Drive
                  4. The first game I went to (vs New York Jets in 1987)
                  5. Atwater's hit on Okoye
                  6. Terrell Davis getting his 2000 yards
                  7. Beating New England at Invesco (getting over the hump of no playoff wins)
                  8. Any snow game
                  9. Eddie Mac getting a crazy tip for a TD against Minnesota in 1998
                  10. Elway lining up behind the wrong player


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                    1) Super Bowl XXXII - John Elway's helicopter spin.

                    2) Super Bowl XXXIII - John Elway's TD draw and smiling up at Mark Schlereth.

                    3) 'The Drive II'

                    4) Elam's 63-Yarder

                    5) Brian Griese beating the Raiders with a torn shoulder (say what you want to about the guy - that took guts).

                    6) Elway Vs. Montana at Mile High back in '94.

                    7) Ed McCaffrey holding on to the ball after breaking his leg (signified how great of a player he was)

                    8) Shannon Sharpe (pretty much all of them)

                    9) TD getting 2,000 yards.

                    10) Beating KC in '97 and advancing to the AFC Championship.

                    Unfortuantely, I've only been watching the Broncos for 17 years, so my memories don't go as far back as some of yours.


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                      1)Elway's helicopter spin run in SB 32. Thats when I 'felt' it. The moment when you said to yourself "omg, we're going to win this thing."

                      2) Just watching TD run. He was such a stallion.

                      3) The LONG ball to Rod Smith in SB 33. I remember Rod Smith was asked to be on a TV talk show after the SB, and Rod asked "hey, can I bring my friend Ed with me?" I absolutely loved the unselfish attitude those two had.

                      4) The Drive... especially the play where the ball was snapped over Elway's head during that drive. Unbelievable.

                      5) The Monday night game of Elway vs Montana... Broncos vs Chiefs.... still voted the most exciting Monday Night game. A classic, GREAT game.... I just wish we ended up with the win.

                      6) Shannon Sharp on third down. There is a thread about being "clutch." You can't define the word better than Shannon Sharpe on third down.

                      7) Jason Elam kicking that 63 yrder. That was amazing. That was just another one of those 'plays' that happened all year long that just told you that the Broncos were SB bound. We had the team, the luck,and the big plays that year. Amazing season.

                      8) OH... watching John Elway roll to the right side of the field, and throw a long ball to a streaking WR down the LEFT sidelines. Then hearing the commentator say "you are just not supposed to be able to do that."

                      9) Elway QB sneak for TD in SB. Schlereth on the ground with John.
                      Schlereth: So, hows it going?
                      John: *laughing* You (expletive) idiot. **stole this from Cinna, but its perfect. Nothing illustrates a team having fun more than THAT moment**

                      10) This probably should be #1, but seeing Elway hold that Lombardi trophy over his head for the first time, and Bowlen saying to the masses "this one's for John." Still almost brings tears to my eyes.

                      ***One of the most EXCITING plays that wasn't in a SB??? This season, game one... RUSHING out onto the field and kicking the FG with not TO's and time clickign down to 1 second. I think I had a mild heart attack.***


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                        John Elway's headfirst dive to pick up the first down in SBXXXII and knowing from that moment that they were going to win

                        13 wins to open the season then winning SB XXXIII

                        Eddie Mac breaking his leg and STILL catching the ball

                        Denver 26, Houston 24, AFC Division playoffs 87 yards; 12 plays; David Treadwell 28-yard field goal

                        Jason Elam's 63 yard field goal

                        Terrell Davis 2008 yards

                        Terrell Davis Super Bowl Record 3 Rushing Touchdowns

                        Eddie Mac catching the tipped pass for a touchdown against the Vikings

                        My first (and only) trip to the original Mile High Stadium to watch the Broncos beat the seahawks

                        The Drive


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                          No particular order

                          1. First SuperBowl
                          2. Second SuperBowl
                          3. John's chopper run
                          4. 2k for TD
                          5. Being the team to finally end the Patriot's dynasty run (it was much better since a friend of mine is an annoying Patsie fan and he was sitting right next to me when it happened )
                          6. John to Rod bomb in second Supe win
                          7. "This one's for John"
                          8. Shannon Sharpe, EddieMC, and Rod Smith
                          9. John Mobley knocking down Favre's pass to win our first Super Bowl (Mobley is one of my favorites of all time)
                          10. This year when we rushed onto the field to beat Buffalo. that literally made my heart stop.
                          LET 'ER BUCK!!!
                          Adopted by: Peanut, Chazoe60, CanDB, RealBronco and JakeNbake


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                            I have to get in on this..

                            1) Number one all time is "This One's For John"

                            2) being on my knees holding hands with my dad and 3 brothers on the floor screaming for someone to make a play at the end of the game and John Mobely knocks down that 4 and 7 pass from Farve to end the game and win us the superbowl.

                            3)The head first dive by elway against Green bay. I also knew right then it was gonna happen..

                            4)Beating Dan Reeves' falcons in the superbowl, Karma RULZ "Elway is named MVP."

                            5)Shannons call to the president, " Mr President Send the national Guard we are killing the Patriot's. God that was funny.

                            6) "The Drive" in the 87 AFC Chamionship game against Cleveland..

                            7) Ernest Byner(sp) Fumbled on the Two yard line the next year in the AFC Championship game, sealing a win for the Bronco's

                            8) "The Block" arguably the greatest block ever, Ed Mcaffrey Wrecks that guy from the Packers to free up Griffith and points down at the guy as he fly's past. OMG what a play. I'll never forget it ever.

                            9) Shannon Sharpe telling Mike Shannahan on the sidelines during the Falcons superbowl. " he aint respecting me Mike He aint respecting me" Mike turns and says "oh he aint he AINT o.k. o.k. the next play was a long bomb down the middle to Sharpe.

                            10) T.D. says I can't see anything, Coach says o.k. we dont need you to see on this one were gonna fake it to you. He goes into the game and runs the play blind.

                            This list could go on forever for me. I have been at this since I was 7 years old. I wiill be here till they carry me to the hole in the ground.. God I love the Bronco's
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                              you all have my list down already, but one I add, eith GREAT PLEASURE, is the the total ASS THUMP at Kansas City, On a Monday night, with Elway hurt, 1998, when Bubby Brister had that LONG TD run, and KC's defense had a totall MELTDOWN in the 4th quarter, and had 3 or four personal foul unsprtsman like penalties called in a row, and they were all induced bt BIG MOUTH Shannon talkin smack.

                              I was there in person, made it even BETTER!!!