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Your Ten Favorite Bronco Moments

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    Originally posted by 32-33Champs View Post
    1. The Broncos making it to Super Bowl XII (Beating the Raiders in the AFC Championship game made it even sweeter)
    2. Winning Super Bowl XXXII
    a. The Helicopter
    b. The Atwater Hit
    c. TD scoring the go-ahead Touchdown
    d. Eddie Mac's block to free Howard Griffith down the sideline
    e. This Ones For John - I still get the chills
    3. The Drive
    4. Terrell Davis 2008 yards
    5. Jason Elam's 63 yard field goal
    6. Rod Smith's first touchdown reception and also his first reception against the 'Skins.
    7. Winning Super Bowl XXXIII
    8. Shannon Sharpe's bit "killin' the Patriots"
    9 "The Hit" Steve Atwater levels Christian Okoye
    10. John Elway's 300th touchdown
    props 2 you champs for your #1 pick in the top10 , i dont know if it would b my first pick but it is refreshing to see someone who remembers it. i was just a spud in 6th grade when i watched that game and and remember it well. thanks 4 bringin the memory back champs...and sorry champs 4 not signing my name with the cp.


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      10. Drafting John Elway (maybe should be higher but not everything can be Elway can it?)
      9. The Fumble!
      8. In the middle of our two Super Bowl runs anytime we would convert a 3rd and 5-7 with a running play knowing Shanny called the play thinking it would get a first down.
      7. The first AFC Championship win. I was too young to remember what it meant in football ways but I remember well what it meant to the town of Denver.
      6. Steve Atwater hitting a GB WR so hard in the Super Bowl GB looses the WR and a Time Out
      5. Steve Atwater being the first football player to lay out Christian Okoye
      4. TD and the OLine's 2,000 yard season.
      3. John Elway's Drive in Clevland.
      2. 2nd Super Bowl Win with John Elway MVP!
      1. Easy, the exact moment John Mobley knocked down the 4th down pass from Favre in the Super Bowl.
      Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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        10. Super Bowl XXI against the Giants. Yeah, we lost. But I was 7 years old, and Elway became the first hero I ever had.
        9. The Drive.
        8. Mobley knocking down Favre's pass at the end of the game in SB XXXII. I jumped, I cried... it was wonderful.
        7. The play in Pittsburgh, Elway to Sharpe, when they just drew it up in the dirt. Elway to Sharpe: "Just get open." First down, game over. Super Bowl bound.
        6. 2008 yards for TD. I was at the game and got on the jumbotron and SportsCenter with my sign: "How do you spell Terrell Davis? M V P"
        5. Elway to Smith against the Falcons.
        4. Elway being inducted into the Hall of Fame.
        3. The Helicopter.
        2. "This One's For John."
        1. Denver 31, Green Bay 24.
        In Manning I trust.