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how do u REALLY see our offense doing? rank it!!!

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  • how do u REALLY see our offense doing? rank it!!!

    rank it #1 - 32.

    i hear some ppl saying we are just D with no offense (like the ravens/cowboys) but i really don't see the O as being that bad.

    i definetly think we will run the ball well because of shannys commitment, the OL we have and the talent at RB (griffen,bell and hearst can produce, even anderson has done it b4). plummer is a very good QB but i see the main problem being TARGETS. smith is reliable but SO MUCH depends on lelie being a #1 target and reliable downfield threat. although i think we have enough talented depth at WR to get a decent #3 and #4.

    i would rank our O as #9/10
    i would rank the D as #3

    just my $0.02


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    With so many questions across the board, I can only guess that we'll fall somewhere between 15 and 5. So 10th is realistic.

    Will Lelie pan out? Or will he flop? What'll we get out of the #3 WR? Will we get needed production out of the TE position? Will we find a go to guy at RB? If we use a commitee, will there enough consistancy to make it work? Will Lepsis and Jones thrive at their new positions? Will they stumble, and with them the team? Can Jake stay healthy? If not, can Danny pull his weight this year?

    On the other hand, we could very well have an historically great D.

    I'll be happy with a middle of the road O, because recent history tells us that a killer D will carry a team further than a top ranked O. -- --


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      I wold rank our O in #11 and our D as #3

      Look at this guy!!! He is kicking some asses!!!

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        I still think they will rank amoung the top 10.
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          O 5 D 2


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            I think our offense will eventually be top 10 quality, but until we settle on a back(and he produces), and Lelie starts catching 8 balls a game, I'll say "offense 15". Defense should be top 5 by the end of the year. But there are defenses that have been together longer. I think we need time to gel. Defense a 6. These are just what I think we will start at, I think everything will improve by the playoffs.


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                Originally posted by westflbroncostud
                i rank our O a has some unproven players...but i think it will be a 9 at the end of the season

                our d is a definit 9 1/2 it is full of proven players and is one of the best in the league
                he meant 1-32
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                  our offence...#9
                  our defence..#3


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                    Overall Offense: #4
                    Run Offense: #1
                    Pass Offense:#8
                    Overall Defense: #1
                    Run Defense: #2
                    Pass Defense: #1


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                      I like thiese numbers, but

                      Originally posted by UltimateSoldier
                      Overall Offense: #4
                      Run Offense: #1
                      Pass Offense:#8
                      Overall Defense: #1
                      Run Defense: #2
                      Pass Defense: #1
                      the run D is still a ??? O unproven???

                      Overall Offense: #7
                      Run Offense: #6
                      Pass Offense:#8
                      Overall Defense: #7
                      Run Defense: #10
                      Pass Defense: #3
                      This is the NFL!!

                      Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

                      Go Broncos!!!!!!!


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                        there are way to many ?'s on O to say that they will be top 10. how can anyone say the broncos will be the #1 rushing team? they had portis last year and they weren't #1.

                        O = 12-15. ?'s at all skill positions except QB. no depth at QB. if jake goes down again the O is in big trouble.

                        D = 4 - 7 picked up some great talent but also lost some great talent. they should be about the same as last year.


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                          #30 in the NFL with an average of 11.9 points per game. 29th in rushing, 25th in passing.
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                            our D will be in top 3.

                            our O will be around 10th, unless Lelie and Rb step up big, then i would say 5-9th.

                            THE SHIELD, Chiefs D wont even be ranked in 1-32. They will be so bad, they will rank them along with other teams with the same talent. I would say they would be top 30 with the other High Schools

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                              I can only think of a couple seasons where our offense struggled since Shanahan has been here. He and Kubiak seem to be among the best offensive minds at taking advantage of their strengths and playing them against their opponents' weaknesses. The only big questions I have are whether or not a running back will step up and fully replace Portis, if Lelie will fulfill his potential, and if Dennison will keep the O-line performing at its high standards. Actually, that's a lot of questions.

                              I think we'll answer the questions sufficiently to be about 15th in the league at worst. I won't be surprised to break the top 10. And if Lelie and one of the running backs step up, even top 5. So, how about that for a solid prediction? Somewhere between #1 and #15. :p
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