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It will be 10+ years before the Broncos see another Super Bowl

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    When Jay took over at the QB spot I wondered what it would be like as he grew into the position while people compared him to Elway. I gave the Broncos with the new man Jay a 2-5 year time frame to become competitive meaning........ win it all.

    Look how long it took John to get his first SB win. If we want to compare Jay to John, can we all handle 13 more years of no Super Bowl trophys? I would think not.

    I hate the comparison thing. It isn't fair to Jay or John really. John did so much for us. No doubt we all love him and always will. He was our savior and our hero.

    But now Jay is the new generation and he needs to show the old guy up and set some new records. :thumb:
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      TO the original poster.... Stop dipping it Henry's stash... its not healthy.

      It will not take 10 years unless something horribly goes wrong (ie shanny leaves, and 1/2 the team wants to get out of denver)

      The thing is the time-line i traced out for the Broncos has actually be sped up, i had this year to be a 10-6 while his 2nd year to be the 'bad year'. Yet the offense is talented missing its true Franchise back. (face it Selvin is not that back) and a Defense that is adiquate.

      1st full year at jay at the helm (i predicted a 10-6 season)

      2nd full year (4-12 probably 6-10 - riddled with injuries on the defense)

      3rd full year (11-5) Jay finally finds his true feel for the Offense and becomes more independent from what Shanahan and Helmdinger say. Learning from each game he pulls off some marginal wins while making teams look stupid as he dismantles them.(wins 1 playoff game loses the 2nd)

      4th Full year (12-4 - 13-3), has finally grasped the majority of the team around him, the team responds to his leadership as he can change plays to suit needs to counter act the defense. He can pull come from the behind wins if needed but tries to put the game away even when the playcalling calls for conservatism when they have the lead. (gets into the Superbowl but looses by a FG)

      5th Full year (12-4 - 14-2) This year will be known as the BIG PUSH where the Broncos win it all.
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      McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

      Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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        Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
        Hey, im not a big drinker my self so I thought I would ask an expert "YOU" a couple of questions so I can better understand your post.

        What do you drink before you make your crazy post like this? Do you also like to drink before lunch, or do you start during breakfast?
        If I had said this back in '99 you would have said the same thing but look at the Broncos now.

        Fine, believe this team will be back in a year or two. We may be lucky to get into the playoffs again in the next year or two, but we won't have the depth to get past the AFC teams that are strong now. We'll be a first round exit. Each year you can see a few teams make the playoffs and you know they are not real contenders, in all honesty that is what the Broncos have done in the last few appearances in the playoffs.

        I think our biggest problem is going to be coaching, it has been for years (Defense, Special Teams). Shannahan's best years are behind him.

        The main difference I see between us and some of the best AFC teams (heck, NFL teams) is that they play 60 minutes of football. Like the Titans did this weekend, we can play good in the first half but we can't continuously close the deal. If you can't see that, then send me the name of what you ware drinking.
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