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Give me compelling reasons/arguments why Jim Bates shouldn't stay...

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    Because he is not smart enough to realize he did not have the proper players for his scheme. A good coach would have realized this from film tape and then be prepared to analyze the finer details in camp.

    A good coach would have been prepared for his scheme to not work since he knew he did not have the proven talent.

    A good coach would have realized he was relying on too many "what ifs" and had a backup plan or two.

    The year before we had a defense that going for the record in points allowed until we met up against the Colts. That year and the year before Champ was imo the best defensive player in the league but since he is a CB he does not get the praise DL and hybrid LBs get. Besides the pass rush our defense was pretty good before Bates. Now it looks completely broken.

    There are a couple players who do not believe in the system and not one player is standing behind it atm. A good coach will get his players to buy into the system.

    It was only one season but imo he is the worst defensive coord I have seen in Denver yet. The only thing that comes to mind as close is the Bend-But-Do-Not-Break defense that Wade Phillips put into place when he was head coach.

    Maybe we need to take a step back before we can take a giant leap forward. Maybe now with a year of experience and another offseason to get needed players things will turn around. I am not in the rooms hearing the thoughts behind what is going on or in the players/coaches minds so I really do not know.

    This is not flag football, this is not HS football; this is the NFL! In case you forgot it stands for Not For Long if you can not get the job done!
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play