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    Bly #8??? He didnt even play that well this year. If anything, he should be in the mid teens.


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      Why Was Mike Bell Moved To Fb Anyway After The Rookie Season He Had Another Reason Shany Needs To Go Putting Rb's At Fb


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        Originally posted by Return of Lava View Post
        Its crazy because if Shanahan was gonna remove Mike Bell from the Hb competition, he should have just released him, what good is he as a FB? Over Kyle Johnson? Our STARTER for the last few years? We cut our starter, and converted two HB'sover there. I can see Sapp, but why not keep KJ as a FB and release Mike Bell, he has no use whatsoever as a FB. Its so unorthodoxed (sp?) its ridiculous.
        Well, seemed like Shanny wanted to try another Mike Anderson thing with Bell. Try him at FB since we were pretty well full at TB. But we do agree about KJ.

        And, didn't Bell fumble everytime he carried the ball this year? (once, I know) But that didn't serve him well vis-a-vis playing his way out of the doghouse. This was about making the MOST of his chances, not a turnover.

        If someone thinks they're better than Shanny at evaluating talent at RB, knock yourself out. Gotta be a team out there looking for that kind of help.


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          Bell would have never lasted throughout the season if he had no value, as quickly as this coach releases players, he would have been released immediately. It is obvious that the staff realizes the talent he has. He will not get cut. Inside info has him remaining with the team, or be traded. They'd be a fool to cut him. He would not last a hour on waivers. Personally I think it was huge mistake to put him on ice for the entire season, a total waste!!