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Rod Smith for receivers coach

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    Not only do I think Rod Smith would make a great WR coach but given time he could probably move up to special teams coach or offensive coord.

    If he could learn to inspire large number of players to be as committed as he is then no doubt head coaching is in his future as well!
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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      We just all dont wanna see him go after all he has done and means to all the broncos faithful....One thing is for sure I am damn glad we had him for the last 14 years and if he decides to hang it up he will be truely missed every sunday....

      GO BRONCOS IN 2008


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        I like the idea, but I think he may be better suited for director of player personnel/scouting college players. He knows what it takes to make it. You don't have to be a Heisman or Butkus winner or any other high profile player coming out of college to be an NFL great. He made a comment about Glenn Martinez in the preseason that Glenn reminder him a lot of himself. I don't agree, but I'm not going to argue with Rod. I can't remember the games, but there were two blocks put on players by Martinez that Rod would usually be responsible for. So maybe he is right.

        The thing the Broncos need are football players, not guys that perform well at the combine or score high on a certain test or win some award. Give me 53 Rod Smiths and the Broncos WILL return to the promise land.