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Selvin Young compared to Rookie All-Star Adrian Peterson

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    Originally posted by Saucy View Post
    I like Selvin Young, but I was most impressed this season with Andre Hall. The guy played a lot like LT, catching passes, running for around 150 yards and he was all over the field...on top of all that he had a high ankle sprain.
    I too was impress by Hall. I hope to see him get more opportunities just to see what he got !

    I like his size, his toughness and his speed. His cut back abiblities have been impressive as well.
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      As to the Bell 2.0, Seems alot of people thought BMarsh was a Lelie 2.0 , You just cannot compair 2 people like that. He could be great, He might be better then average, he might just be average or he might flop.

      I see some promise in Young though, and Hall. Most people would just simply and quickly point out its the system, However we have had problems run blocking and even TH was having troubles being consistant, So maybe this time its the players.

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        I don't think we can be worse keeping our 3 backs. Hall shined in his moment, Travis was a beast that first series in that indy game, and selvin can put up some numbers as well. Its a good problem imo.
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          If he can prove that he can be an every down back I see no reason why to not keep him. I think he can be an every down back though. Some of his best games were when he had 18-20 carries

          GB - 18 carries 71 yards 6 catches 49 yards
          KC- 20 carries 109 yards 3 catches 20 yards
          KC- 17 carries 156 yards
          MIN- 22 carries 87 yards 3 catches 12 yards

          So heck, why not? I think he can be an every down guy. Maybe not a 30 carry guy like Henry can be, but he can definitely see 20-25 carries.


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            i like him, but id really like to see us draft jamal charles out of texas. they can split carries just like they did when they won the bcs championship.

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