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Shanahan wants to regain control & Slowik new boss of the defense

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    Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
    I think people are judging him for his stints in Chicago and Cleveland, as well.
    what years were those? I have to admit, I didn't know about those.


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      Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
      what years were those? I have to admit, I didn't know about those.
      For Chicago, I'm pretty sure I read he was there in the mid-90s. And Cleveland, late 90's/early 00's.


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        I don't blame Bates so much. Our defense is the result of not taking or signing the right players on the d-line for years. This has been a long-time problem that showed it's head in the past somewhat, but finally came to fruition this season.

        Although, I do think with the talent on defense it could have been better.

        The Broncos need to concentrate on the defensive line. Draft Okam or try to trade up to get Glenn Dorsey.

        But saying no to Laurinitis if he will be there might be hard.

        Still I think the defensive line is most of the problem. We need real pluggers. Not fill-in guys or has beens.

        In this picture, Rivers explains why he thinks he is so good.

        Is that Y=LT?


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          We don't just need a plugger, we need an athletic, top tier one who can play the majority of downs. Our problem is that we don't have an anchor on the line anymore since Pryce left. We need a "centre" for the DLine, the sort of guy who is large, imposing, athletic and who his team mates can rally around. I've not really appreciated it until recently but we need a nose tackle who will stick around in this franchise for a decade. A player who can command a double team on every play (which should help Marcus Thomas a lot as he's more quick than strong), and force the opposing team to run outside the tackles...and since we like our LBs speedy it should work pretty well.

          There's a reason why these DTs appear on the market very seldom...they're franchise players. And I really hope we can nab Okam and he can be that guy (although it won't likely be instant). Shanny's only drafted three DTs on the first day in the last decade: Trevor Pryce, Montae Reagor and Dorsett Davis. I think it's time to do it again and hopefully it'll be third time lucky since 1999! DT - like the interior of the OL - is one of the least flashy positions. But I have to say they - and to a greater extent than just about every other position on the team - can make the whole unit better or worse.

          Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

          Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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            I think this is gonna work out. If you remember a few years back the defense was struggling under Coyer's gameplans early in the season, **** was about to hit the fan and they had a meeting... and Coyer allowed the players more control over what they were doing defensively. Allowed them to play to their strengths and more instinctively. It turned everything around for the defense.

            Jim Bates came in with a reputation for "his defense" being a good one and a new scheme was forced on the players. He cut/traded veterans like Gerard Warren who were liked and better than any DT we have now. I never saw his defense take with anyone, from training camps i attended through regular season games i attended. The players never had a clue and were visibly frustrated at all the games i attended. This group of players we have on defense play best when they can do their own thing and do what they do best. Bates never adjusted to this. Coyer did. Coyer wasn't a great D coordinator, but he let the players play to their strengths and gave them more freedom than what I assume they got with Bates gameplans.

            Bring in Slowik, who as we all can tell from players a players coach, you can tell they all seem happy with this move. I think he will give our stars and veterans the ability to play to their strengths and give them more freedom like Coyer did, but hopefully he can still implement good game plans and adjust better than Coyer when our D needs his help.

            on a side note, Jarvis Moss will get looked at as a linebacker next year, Javon will stay, Selvin will be the starter with a healthy unstoned Travis Henry as the second providing a much better attack than they did this year, and for all the draft predictors, no one will get it right and we will all get thrown for a total loop!



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              Stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

              I know everyone here was really hoping for some change after a poor season, but now that the anger/hurt is fading and everyone is feeling a little better please realize that any change isn't necessarily "good change". I don't think there's going to be much improvement, if any, with Slowik on his own. Think about it...if we "scrapped" Bates' scheme after week 5, then who's were we running? That's right, ladies and gentlemen...SLOWIK! This guys hands are NOT CLEAN ON THIS! HE was the DC last year - NOT BATES! Bates was an Assistant HC, an advisor. Slowik called the plays from the booth!


              It's kinda like when Alex Gibbs left and everyone thought that his "scheme" would go with him, even after we recruited his replacement from within...a guy who learned it from Gibbs.

              Slowik was the man calling the defense this past much do any of you think is really going to change? Our only hope is that the big 3 we drafted (Moss, Crowder, Thomas) will start living up to their potential and become Umeniora, Tuck, Strahan (especially with Elvis doing so well - but only as a pass rusher).

              Oh, a little :offtopic: , but thinking we'll be better off without Javon Walker is ridiculous, also. He's the best WR we can possibly get right now to compliment Marshall because we just can't afford to drop an asswhack of money on a guy like Bernard Berrian who's a one-trick-pony like Ashley Lelie.

              I hope I'm wrong because I'm going to HATE sitting back saying I TOLD YOU SO at the same time next year.
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