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Slowik our Savior?

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    Impressive resume' indeed....if you like to be the laughing stock of the league (for consecutive years)
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      That resume looks Ter-uh-ble! Just ter-uh-ble

      looks like the same dang stats our D has been putting up the last few years, I'm not sure why we should expect any good changes out of this?

      The schizophrenia and constant changes on defensive personal and coaches is maddening, same w/ special teams, so many changes and indecisiveness and back-tracking (ie, Hixon, Gerrard, S.Rice, Bates, etc), its sad to see.


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        I think that if we are honest with ourselves we can agree that it is not going to take much to improve upon this year's defense. We played the season without a decent D-tackle, with very weak OLB, and with a scheme that requires strengths at both those positions.

        If eveything else stayed constant merely picking up D-tackle(s) and OLBs could make a world of difference, and it wouldn't much matter who the coordinator was.

        We were so bad that even an average defense next year would be a vast improvement and give the offense a chance to win games.


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          I have my doubts about Slowik. It sounds like maybe he's too concerned about making the players comfortable. Contrary to what Dre Bly might think, the players need to listen to the coaches, not the other way around. Never let the inmates run the asylum.

          If the players weren't comfortable with Bates' scheme, it's probably because they didn't have the talent to execute it. For all we know, Slowik's "tweaking" contributed to the failure of the defensive scheme. Foxworth said there wasn't a true commitment to the scheme. Maybe that stemmed from Slowik rather than Bates. Oh well, that doesn't matter now anyway.

          Slowik has been mediocre at best in his previous stints as a defensive coordinator. There's no reason to believe Denver is going to be anything different. If the Broncos fix their offensive woes, the defense won't matter so much. Of course, my idea of fixing the offensive woes means returning to 1996-1998 like dominance. Clearly the Broncos are going to have to do a good job of acquiring talent this offseason, on both sides of the ball. Giving Slowik more talent with which to work will certainly give him a chance to produce a decent defense.
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            Stopping the run should be priority number one. And maybe Slo feels confident enough in our secondary that when we stop the run and pressure the Q.B. Champ and Bly will turn poorly thrown/hurried passes into int's.

            Fact is I am nervous about slo, but I feel that shanny sees the same thing that we see. Which is a Q.B. that can win the close game. We just need to be good enough on D to let cutler and co have a chance.


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              I'd watch what you guys say. A lot of you last year were so happy when Bates came in. All this hype about how his players loved him and he's so good. That turned out now didn't it? Slowiks been with us a few years now. I wouldn't expect this big huge change.


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                Domonique Foxworth talks about Slowik in his recent blog:

                I guess we should talk a little football. I am excited about Coach Slowik running the defense. No offense to Coach Bates, but I was surprised that Coach Slowik didn’t become the coordinator last year. Not that Coach Bates didn’t deserve the job, but I think Coach Slowik is just as deserving. We all expected him to be named the coordinator last year and we were looking forward to playing for him, but I guess when you get the opportunity to have a coach like Coach Bates you don’t pass that up. I am happy that he is stepping in. We are all happy with it, we expected it last year but it took one year to get there but we are happy that it is here now. I am really looking forward to it.

                When we played our best defense last year we were doing a lot of the things that we are going to start doing now. It is going to give our playmakers better chances to make plays and I think it is going to shift a lot of pressure on the secondary. He is a secondary coach so I think he feels comfortable with the pressure of us succeeding being on the secondary and hopefully that alleviates some of the pressure on the front seven. I can’t think of anything bad about the situation, I am happy about it.

                I have a much better relationship with him than I did with Coach Bates or Coach Coyer, obviously since he has been my coach for as long as I have been in the league. It is very very sweet, but just a little bit bitter because he will no longer be able to focus on the secondary so he won’t be in the meeting room with us anymore. But it is part of the game and something that it took some getting used to. In college you go into the room as a freshman and that is pretty much going to be your core group for the next four years with a few additions and a few graduations. But in the NFL, it is subject to change.

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