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  • Engelberger wins Ed Block

    By Andrew Mason

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Thanksgiving weekend, a young running back's courage was at the centerpiece of a Broncos offensive display that saw them amass 34 points against the Chicago Bears.

    And while Andre Hall's afternoon-long slog to 167 yards from scrimmage on a high-ankle sprain sustained on the game's first play was among the most captivating individual storylines for a Broncos player in the 2007 season, he was only following the example of a teammate.

    That teammate? John Engelberger.

    It was the example set by Engelberger for younger teammates like the first-year running back that made the eight-year veteran the Broncos' 2007 nominee for the Ed Block Courage Award.

    "Look at John Engelberger; he had a dislocated shoulder," Hall said. "I learned so much from John, from him going out there. ... I watched him and Rod (Smith) just push through things. I learned a lot."

    Smith is one of the Broncos' past winners of the team Ed Block Award, earning the honor in 1999. Engelberger joins a distinguished group of Broncos award winners after playing in all 16 games in 2007, enduring the balance of those games with a shoulder injury that placed him on the injury report week after week.

    Engelberger was limited in some practices because of the injury, but when the games arrived, the Virginia Tech product was ready. He finished the season with 56 total tackles -- 38 solo and 18 assists -- along with a sack of Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Week 7. He also broke up a pair of passes and forced a fumble.

    The 56 total tackles were his most for a single season since joining the Broncos via a July 15, 2005 swap with the San Francisco 49ers. His statistics and contributions were solid, but his example is what will linger, as when young teammates like Hall felt pain, all they had to do was look towards Engelberger to see how to handle it.

    "If he can play with a dislocated shoulder," said Hall, "(then) why can't I play with an ankle injury?"

    The Ed Block Courage Award is named for the long-time trainer for the Baltimore Colts. The award's foundation promotes the prevention of child abuse by raising awareness of the epidemic and assisting agencies who provide for the care and treatment of abused children.

    Past Broncos winners of the team Ed Block Courage Award include:

    2006: Louis Green
    2005: Dwayne Carswell
    2004: Dan Neil
    2003: Tom Nalen
    2002: Keith Burns
    2001: Terrell Davis
    2000: John Mobley
    1999: Rod Smith
    1998: Tony Jones
    1997: Steve Atwater
    1996: Ed McCaffrey
    1995: Dave Wyman
    1994: Rondel Jones
    1993: Simon Fletcher
    1992: Dennis Smith
    1991: John Elway
    1990: Keith Kartz
    1989: Rick Dennison
    1988: Gerald Willhite
    1987: Dennis Smith
    1986: Rubin Carter
    1985: Rulon Jones
    1984: Keith Bishop

    For more on the Ed Block Award and its foundation, visit
    Everybody hates on John, everybody wants him out. I know that he is not going to set the world on fire but the man is a player that goes 100% on every play. It was one of the bright spots to see last year from the defesne, a player that never gave up. Congrats on the award John and keep up the hard work!
    Thanks WhiteDragon! Last years 1st RD Mock
    GM Draft-#24-CB Aqib Talib Kansas
    #54-WR Earl Bennett Vandy
    #85-G Roy Schuening OSU
    #114(via HOU-Pacman Trade) TE Brad Cottam TEN
    #120 LB Ben Moffit USF
    Block: TE Troupe RB Brown DT Starks

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    John's not the most talented guy but I do love the fact that he puts in a ton of effort into his game. He's the sort of guy you want on your team because he does a good job week in week out without fail.

    Congrats John!

    Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

    Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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      I give the guy props for playing with a dislocated shoulder. It had to be painful but he pushed through and did his job. Just like Rod Smith playing in pain for almost two years. It takes a great deal of dedication to the game to go out and perform despite injury.


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        Originally posted by Hardcore Bronco Babe View Post
        I give the guy props for playing with a dislocated shoulder. It had to be painful but he pushed through and did his job. Just like Rod Smith playing in pain for almost two years. It takes a great deal of dedication to the game to go out and perform despite injury.
        It shows that these players have a lot of heart and so much determination to win. Hopefully next season we have 53 players that will display that amount of heart and determination. Congrats on the award John!


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          did somebody say burger?


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            John Engleberger is a not very talented 1 dimensional run-stuffer who can't rush the passer to save his life. He had 1 sack and 41 total tackles/assists according to his official statistics on this site.

            He's a scrub. A tough player who goes all out, but isn't terribly talented. He might very well remain on the roster next season as a backup, especially if Ekuban doesn't return.

            But Crowder will be ahead of him, and so will Ekuban. So Engleberger would be the #3 LDE and it's questionable whether the team wants him back. He's not very speedy and that's the type of ends you need to get consistent pressure on the QB.

            AS of now the DEs are:

            RDE - 1. Dumervil, 2. Moss
            LDE - 1. Crowder, 2. Ekuban, 3. Engleberger

            The Broncos have 5 DEs on the roster now, so he could wind up staying, but not if they don't think he can backup at RDE.