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Travis Henry not coming back next year?

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    Originally posted by Javalon View Post
    Now INJURY could be a reason to not bring him back. But if he's deemed healthy enough by the Broncos' physicians then I don't see how we could justify cutting him. His contract included a lot of guaranteed money that will smack the Broncos in the mouth if they cut him, unless I misunderstand the situation.

    So, I believe the odds are strongly in favor of his return next year. And if we fix our offensive line, I think we'll be happy we have him.

    He has stayed healthy for only one entire season or without a drug infraction once is seven seasons? And that was his second season in his career... The odds are in favor of anyone betting that he will be again injured or banned for illegal substance abuse! Personally I believe Shanahan regrets ever signing him, and fans of his will think we are keeping him...but if he is still on the roster come may...June 1st would be right where I suspect to see a report that he was cut!