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Slowik the final decision?

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    Originally posted by MindField View Post
    The selection of Bob Slowick was the obvious, and only, choice for Shanahan.

    There was no 'search', no other candidates.

    Slowick was the other finalist for the job when Shanahan hired Larry Coyer. A year later, when Slowick became available, Shanahan hired him in a NY minute to coach the secondary.

    Shanahan really wanted to hire Slowick last offseason, but Jim Bates was the big name that was available, and after the absolute collapse of the Broncos defense last season, Shanahan probably figured he could not just turn it over to Bob Slowick then....but then, Bates (after consistent success EVERYWHERE else) failed miserably here, and the Defense was in effect turned over to Slowick during the bye week, so it was a more natural move this time around.

    All I know is this, Shanahan has tried everything else and failed, so he had better hope the fifth time is the charm to find a decent Defensive Coordinator
    he can function with.

    Denver: Where NFL Defensive Coordinators go to die.
    Just because Shanahan wanted Slowik from the get go, it doesn't mean it's not a huge mistake.

    Slowik's defenses were bad enough to NEVER get another opportunity.

    But like you said, nothing else has worked, maybe the least qualified candidate EVER will surprise us all.

    The Little Acorn That Became The Mighty Oak......

    Btw, if any of what you say is true, it's of little surprise to me that Bates did not work out. He never had a chance......