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    Originally posted by hudd76 View Post

    1:45 P.M. MST: On Rod Smith’s involvement after his career: “I want to get Rod Smith to be a part of this organization, doing something … hopefully we can work something out down the line.”

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      Originally posted by Taz_bb2 View Post
      First 5 games of the 2007 season looked pretty good to me.
      That is what they said in Buffalo and Tennessee, sadly of his seven years in the league it was only his second season in which he stayed healthy a whole season or without a drug infraction!


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        Originally posted by kratos_godofwar View Post
        Hopefully this means the draft. A Stud from the college ranks.
        Kratos, look at your draft list. All "big" names from "big" schools. You have fallen into the ESPN, commentator, trap.

        Chris Williams, yes of Vandy, is the most athletic offensive lineman I have ever seen by a long shot. I mean nimble quick and really able to get out there. I think Keiper has him listed 3rd on his list. I wish I knew what his 40 time is, but I know it should be very good.

        Never follow the big schools and think that they have the best ones. There are plenty of great football players that are never seen on TV, never mentioned by the press.

        Had you heard of Jay Cutler during his college days?
        As the great divide in America continues we are causing harm to our future generations by avoiding what needs to be done.

        More people recognize Britney Spears than Dick Cheney.


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          Originally posted by mojo0730 View Post
          The biggest red flag I have with everything stated is that it's clear based on the interview that Shanahan wants to run an 8-man front defense to force the offense to pass, and play a lot of man/zone coverage.

          Isn't that the Coyer defense that we deemed was insufficient a season ago?
          That's exactly what it is. So theoretically, we should be better at stopping the run, but we'll see Dre Bly as the unhappy recipient of big plays against him.

          The defense sounds good on paper, but we all know what it'll lead to......Peyton Manning with 5 TD passes against us.


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            Looks like Travis better start packing his bags cause mIke is going to be getting rid of him...Did any of you get the impression Mike was sticking it to Javon by talking about him having Microfacture surgery soon???....Looked like to me the big dog was biting back at javons statment from last sundays game..

            GO BRONCOS IN 2008