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"Shanahan takes responsibility for disappointing 7-9 season"

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    i don't think there's any question about scheffler. kid's the real deal. i knew that from the first few catches i saw him make. if he ever looks bad, odds are it'll be because he's being underutilized. i'm really excited about what this kid can do in the next few years.
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    Rivers has probably now the fastest release in the NFL that Favre is retired. - riversOWNSdonks
    Rivers has the potential to be better than Brady or any QB ever - riversOWNSdonks


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      Originally posted by Cugel View Post
      Instead his Bush-like instinct seems to be to cover up everything and never admit he's made a mistake! [/COLOR][/B]
      Cugel 9 time out of 10 I agree with what you say,and I enjoy your posts but I have to disagree with you here. I think Shanny is admitting he's made some mistakes maybe not so much with his drafting but for sure with his coaching.

      Shanahan said: "Well, I'm just going back to me. I'm in charge of this thing and I just think if I would have done a decent job coaching, we would have won 10 games or more. And so it goes back to me."


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        Now if he "took responsibility" and stepped down or donated a big portion of his salary to charity then those words might mean something.

        To me, the fact that he "took responsibility" means nothing - they are just words! He's losing my respect, that's for sure!