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    I agree in principle.

    I don't think we should/will take Wilson back if he goes to MLB. It doesn't make since to replace Williams with Wilson. It might make since to replace Williams with a rookie or a young FA, but not Wilson.

    Wilson, does not have the speed to play weak side, so it makes the most sense to put him on strong side. I think Wilson would best serve the team with leadership more than play, essentially the idea behind Lynch.


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      "Williamson likely an idiot"

      Very happy to have Tebow in orange and blue!!!

      Team Tebow #16


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        I like the idea. DJ improved every game at MLB, but we need Als leadership back. Lynch may retire after this year so we need a strong vocal leader on the D.
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          Originally posted by 24SuperChamp View Post
          I would love to have Wilson back but it boils down to one thing....


          I don't think we would bring him back if he wanted to much of it....
          I wish it was as simple as $$$. The Broncos organization would have to swallow an awful lot of pride from Bowlen down...That's not going to happen!


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            basicly the same post as i posted when i first heard that wilson was cleared to play in the NFL. i believe it would be great to have him there at SLB


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              The reason al was cut is becuase of his neck guys. he said he understood why he was cut and even said there was no hard feelings
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              Quickly finds when questioned by others .
              That he knows nothing at all.


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                Originally posted by Cugel View Post
                Actually, I don't think you do. If you are referring to Shanahan's press conference, which is the only recent statement by him from which you could have gathered that information, then you really are misguided.

                As both I and MUG and others pointed out in several threads, Shanahan did NOT question D.J.'s performance at MLB and say that he was "perhaps out of position."

                That was some idiot reporter's QUESTION. And Shanahan did not answer it. He immediately started talking about the draft and defending his drafting over the years.

                He said NOTHING about D.J. -- didn't even think that reporters comment was worth mentioning, if he even heard it.

                D.J. is staying at MLB and he'll be fine. Nothing that Shanahan or anybody connected with the Broncos has said has given the slightest indication they are unhappy with D.J. or want to move him from MLB.

                The ONLY people who have speculated about that are a bunch of fans and some extremely stupid and ignorant sports-writers. NOBODY from the Broncos organization has said anything about it.

                As for Al Wilson, the fans's expectations are truly irrelevant to the issue. Both I and MUG have all pointed out in endless detail exactly why it is wildly unlikely that Al Wilson will be back.

                The only statements from Wilson's agent point directly towards Al seeking to find employment with another team.

                So, you're abandoning a position that had no discernible basis in reality to begin with.

                Al isn't thrilled with the Broncos organization or Shanahan.
                Shanahan was unhappy with Al's play before his injury and tried to trade him.

                What part of that isn't clear. Shanahan DOESN'T WANT HIM!

                The injury has NOTHING to do with it. At the time of the trade, Shanahan thought - as Al himself thought, that the injury was a temporary problem, and that Al would pass the NY Giants' physical and play for NY this season.

                He ain't comin' back and he ain't comin' back and he ain't comin back! Get used to it!
                You're completely wrong.

                As ravage pointed out, Shanahan specifically mentioned DJ twice in the press conference. Once, after discussing Wilson, he stated that he didn't want to get into player personnel (specifcally referring to Williams) and that whether he's 'in the middle or on the outside', they'll deal with that in the offseason.

                Then, he went on to state that he thought DJ did 'some good things' considering it was his first year at the position.

                1:18 P.M. MST: On D.J. Williams: “I’m not going to go through personnel — if he’s middle or outside — we’ll find out who’s on our football team before we make those evaluations.”
                Again, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

                And I don't disagree that Williams is likely to stay in the middle for next season. In fact, I've stated as much. But I also think that Denver will try to find a MLB in either the draft or through free agency, because Shanahan is clearly not convinced of Williams' long-term capability in that role.


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                  Originally posted by Cugel View Post
                  Well, here's something from that interview with Shanahan for those of you still holding out hope for Al Wilson to come back: "I wish Al the best. He was a great player and leader for this organization for a lot of years." - Mike Shanahan.

                  Now, if that isn't the kiss of death I don't know what is.

                  Say goodbye to your Al obsessions!

                  are we now adding mind reader to your list of self proclaimed B.S.? Seriously you are the most negative poster (or poser) on this board. You choose. Why are you a bronco fan again?


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                    If AL is brought back, he will play the middle only! There are plenty of other teams who would use him in the middle and that is where he is better suited. And, as said earlier, Al did not leave here entirely on good terms so it would take the perfect situation for him to be back here. I know he wants to come back here and that is a positive. But anyone who thinks he will save the D is out of their mind. He would be a nice addition and would help with the awful run defense. If DJ is the saviour in the middle, then Slowik will be gone next year as well.


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                      read the post in the link, that guy is getting his a$$ kicked.


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                        If he doesn't come back to Denver that's cool. If he gets picked up by NE... I will seriously go insane.


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                          Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
                          are we now adding mind reader to your list of self proclaimed B.S.? Seriously you are the most negative poster (or poser) on this board. You choose. Why are you a bronco fan again?
                          I think that you are wrong with this statement. We have two new posters that Make Cugel look like the Broncos PR man.

                          Hey- each of us calls them like we see 'em.


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                            I don't see the Broncos bringing back Wilson considering Shanahan's realistic emphasis on the draft now, and the fact that this linebacker class has at least ten to fifteen linebackers who could start Day One at any position in the corps. This draft is loaded, and Denver would be making a paramount mistake not investing one of their first several picks in one of the deepest, if not the deepest draft at that position in the history of it.


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                              Does anybody remember the press conference that Al had when he was cut? I dont recall any players doing that when they are cut. Hopefully this is a sign that he might be swayed to come back because of the emotional ties or whatever. What would be the dream scenario for me is him to come back and DJ moved to the weakside as he was in his rookie year. I think we could be better with Wilson back and gold gone. I think Ian's size has worn him down from the pounding onm his smallish frame.
                              We need nasty


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                                Originally posted by mx_stiles13 View Post
                                Before I get completely bashed on this, hear me out

                                Nate Webster was inconsistent all season long, and he thinks he single-handedly won the Superbowl every time he makes a tackle.

                                Al Wilson was average in pass coverage, and his strong suit was getting to the right gap, shedding the block and providing great run defense. Those are the qualites of the typical starting SS linebacker.

                                With the emergence of D.J. Williams being a force in the middle, leading the AFC in tackles in his first season at MLB and still improving every game, he has the pass coverage and run defending skills needed to be great where he is.

                                If Wilson is at strongside, he would be a force against the offense's running game and would be a great pass rushing asset. D.J. can still roam the middle of the field and use his athleticism to defend against most situations.

                                Gold will be traded/released and we can pick up a quality weakside LB in F/A, the draft, or even just keep Winborn as starter with his good play at the end of the season.

                                All of Wilson's strengths fit perfectly in the strongside OLB role, and his leadership would still be utilized in motivating the defense and keeping the players on track.

                                What do you think?

                                This is all of course if he is healthy and in playing shape.
                                I was thinking the same way.DJ should stay at the MLB and move Al over to one of the other LB positions.Williams did a good job at the MLB and was runner up in the lead in tackles this season without a good DT.Just imagine if we could sign two beast DTs for next season,DJ would probably lead the league in tackles next season.