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    Originally posted by JayCutler4MVP!!! View Post
    Dude, I trust people on this site. They are like my family and would never do anything to harm one of thier fellow posters.
    um.........u never know, what if some chef, chugger or fader fan sees it? Who has a chemical imbalance in their head....u never know

    B-Marsh owning Al Harris(Aka: the supposed most physical corner in the league)

    Mock Draft:

    **If Ellis/Dorsey fall**

    1) Dorsey or Ellis(whoever falls)
    2) Devin Thomas
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell

    **If Ellis/Dorsey dont fall**

    1) Desean Jackson
    2) Pat Sims or Trevor Laws(whoever falls)
    4) Frank Okam
    4) Beau Bell


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      Originally posted by GoblinSlayer View Post
      One of you guys should start an actual petition at one of the petition sites online, and then send it to the Broncos organization. A quick Google search found this site:
      Here you go I started one.
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      Thanks Blondie for the Sig


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        I signed it.


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          Originally posted by Whiteyford View Post
          If you're talking about the highlighter orange, the one they make traffic cones out of no. I'd like to forget how the Raiders blocked our game winning field goal in those.

          edit* alot of bad games in those
          You mean a couple of fluke losses in those?We should never wear our blue on blue again cause Favre beat us with a long bomb in OT?We should never wear our blue and white cause the Niners beat us with a fg in OT to knock us out in 06?

          Is it only fans who were with the team before 97 know the tradition of this franchise?We need to bring back orange sunday at least once per year.Everyone in the stands has to wear orange.Instead of this sea of divided blue and orange you see now.


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              Originally posted by jlhawkins9 View Post
              Can we start one For them to wear the old school jerseys for one game? Id even settle for the drunk Bronco or the Alternative Orange. I dont know how many sigs we would need, but one of the mods can send it through to the right people.

              1. Jason Hawkins
              yea sign me up

              "January 25, 1998: The night God answered our prayers