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"Q" Tip: Griffin can get it done.

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    Re: Re: The factors

    Originally posted by TXBRONC
    What it boils down to is taking advantage of the opportunities you are given. Granted there weren't many through most of the season, but that does not change the fact he did have opportunity. That's the past.

    Now is his time to prove what he can do plain and simple. I have never veered from what I have stated over and over and that is if win out great if its one of the others that fine too.

    Just please don't try stating that Griffin is the best back when he hasn't proven it as such. It is your opinion but I think would better if you stated it as such. IMO the way posts shows bias towards Griffin simply for the fact of who he played for in college, and not the fact that he is a Denver Bronco.
    Q is the best back, you can tell by just looking at him, he is as polished as i ever seen, there is nothing he doesnt do well, except grow vertically and thats irrelevant. Maybe bell will gain some organization in his run skills (like learning to not run so upright and fumbling catching as i heard those were knocks on him) and become greater than griffin i dont know, but as of now, Griffin is above the rest IMO cause he has the vision, very nice moves, catching ability, blocking ability and quickness off the charts, plus he is very humble. You dont need a couple years worth of game playing experience to see his attributes, you can see those in the first few games as we have seen
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    dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

    I tried to warn ya.


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      Re: Did you hear about Q?

      Originally posted by Return of Lava
      It was said Q had the most impressive showing at camp. He impressed especially on 1 on 1 drill cause no LB could even stay within 5 yards of him as he burned everybody he faced.

      Also Trevor Pryce shed fat and gained muscle on his diet over the offseason. He is slimmer but still weighs the same, Tuten says he is much stronger faster quicker than last year and also is trying to get back to the mentality that he had when he had probowl years.

      ?? - Camp - today ?? All that was done today is physicals, no workouts have begun yet


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        mini camps and team camps

        I count 3 pokes it takes to bring Q down!! Q is the Man


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          Being one of the few Q fans over the past few months, let me add that the article was a great one. I had heard many things about him but the article covered it all in one place.

          I hope he is the starter, but iff Bell or Anderson can beat him out it is ok BY me.

          Having Mr HUmble on the team is a far cry from poorti$.