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Chances we play out of the Contry next year

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    Originally posted by stnzed View Post
    The longterm plan is to have two international games played every year, on a 16-year rotating schedule that would guarantee that each team would get to play twice over that span: once as the home team and once as the away team.
    "Get to" as if this is somehow desirable.

    Separate from this, the Buffalo Bills have sought to play regular season home games in Toronto, Ontario. The league has yet to decide on the matter.
    As in "Screw our American fans, we want Canadians, eh? Apparently Canadians are unable to turn on the TV or drive to Buffalo.


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      Originally posted by muse View Post
      The way I see it the US is a very different case to the rest of the world. It's probably why a lot of posters especially when it comes to sports. The NFL's biggest problem is that it's an incredibly hard game to get into unless you grow up with it and it's simply not an international-friendly game. However, I can see the NFL's thinking when they want to get young people overseas into the game so it can spread and get more people into the grassroots which in the long run could establish the sport in Britain. However, there are tons and tons of misconceptions about the sport over here. It's exactly the same way as you write off rugby and cricket as "crap" because people just aren't exposed to it enough and after watching a few highlights (which goes completely over their heads) they decide they don't like it.

      It's a sad mentality that "we invented it therefore it must be better", but it still holds. Not ice hockey though, it was invented by British and Canadian soldiers but I think that this, coupled with the unwillingness to actually share the sports with the rest of the world (yes, it is ridiculous to proclaim oneself a world champion when only one country in the world plays it) because of this elitist attitude is a bit sad. Are you afraid you may lose?

      There're are a lot of countries who have embraced British sports - football, rugby and cricket to name a few because we actually bothered to export them and it just makes them a little more accessible because of it. The fact that the aforementioned sports have flourished - thanks in part to the international component - proves that exporting a game is not a bad thing in the slightest.
      cricket and rugby are crap.thats a fact
      i know who invented the game of football. I dont know what your trying to say.


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        are sport thats all there is to it
        r.i.p darrent williams