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  • Rituals?

    Dear Broncos fans around the country,

    I was wondering if any of you have any "Rituals" that u do before the game starts (or during the games) that u think help the broncos on their quest to victory?

    I personally get all of my bronco things and put the on (hat, jersey, hoodie, covers, ect)


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    I used to do 5 pushups every commercial break, it worked well in 2005
    dont let him pull dat move on ya, dont let him pull that move.......................oh no dats da move! TOUCHDOWN!!!

    I tried to warn ya.


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      Originally posted by Return of Lava View Post
      I used to do 5 pushups every commercial break, it worked well in 2005

      haha wow that one is great, im gonna try that one


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        I wear a Jersey every Sat. Sun. Mon.

        One of them always has to be a QB (Now Cutler or Elway)

        I also switch between hats during the season.

        Orange hat
        Blue hat
        Orange hat
        blue hat


        pray to god

        EDIT: I use to screw on and off the bottle cap of soda or water througout the game. I stopped after the AFCC game against the steelers.

        I was the reason we lost. I think I did it too many times.

        I also bite my nails...
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          i'd sometimes wear my broncos sideline hoodie but not always. i'm not a ritual person.
          Orange Crush Fantasy League sign ups. All the cool kids are doing it.

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            The week leading up to a game I don't wear the opposing teams main color or colors. Example I don't wear black clothing or any silver jewelry during Raiders week. The night before a game I wear Broncos pajamas. When I get up to watch the game at home I put on a certain pair of socks, pick a jersey and pair of Bronco pants then I put on Bronco logo necklace first, earrings then bracelets. Put hair in a ponytail with Broncos scrunchie or push back hair with Broncos bandana. Make sure the Broncos blankets are straight on the couch and pillows in proper position. Right before the game starts I put my Orange Crush in a Broncos bottle coozy, put tortilla chips in Broncos bowl and have nacho cheese in a different bowl and sit down and watch the game.


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              Besides the norm of wearing Bronco T-Shirt, earrings, socks, etc, starting on Fridays......

              Absolutely the most important thing to do was be sure my duo of Male Bettas, AL & DJ, have a healthy dose of food...

              If I am going to the game, leaving on a Sat..I be sure to feed them, before I leave, ....Telling them, Go get'em!!

              Of course since Al, has no longer been with Us, I simply, tell him...we miss you!!

              Crazy Enough??

              May I a native NY'er...

              Go Giants!!!

              AL..Truly Missed!!


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                Originally posted by Fem.Foot.Fana. View Post

                May I a native NY'er...

                You are not alone.

                Syracuse right here.

                not from Cuse. But live here for now.


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                  Typically for games, I wear my Cutler or Elway jersey, sometimes both, and drink Orange Crush soda.

                  Then typically there is some praying, phonecalling, and screaming during the games.


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                    I raise my beer and yell "Go Broncos!" during the opening kickoff, while the kick is in the air.


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                      During the game when I'm at home on the coach or bed I always lean to the side of the field the Broncos are playing on my tv.
                      President Cool


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                        i order the same thing at buffalo wild wings


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                          I also tend to shout out F***!!!!!

                          when the other team scores, gets a good play, or a 1st down.


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                            I buy a new Broncos hat before the start of the season. The last two years, I bought the draft-day hat. LOVED this year's. I rotate the hats based on whether we won or lost the week before.

                            I also rotate jerseys. I have a Cutler (always wear it on opening day), throwback orange Elway and a new Dumervil that I just got for Christmas.

                            If I'm watching at home, I'll crack a beer or make a bloody right before kickoff.

                            Nothing's been the same since I lost my Broncos checkerboard hat right after Super Bowl XXXIII. I think my college roommate - Cowboys fan - stole it. When I first got it (late '97) we didn't lose until the Giants game in '98. The day of that Giants game, I happened to buy a NEW Broncos hat. Coincidence? I don't bloody think so.
                            In Manning I trust.


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                              Back in 97' I bought a Blue Terrell Davis jersey in a medium size, I loved that thing as it brought 2 Super bowl titles.
                              Over the years I've worn this jersey for every single Broncos game, here's the kicker, if the Broncos are on a win streak I don't wash it, when they lose I wash off "the bad luck" and start over, back in 05' when the Broncos won like 9 straight my girlfriend was praying they'd lose because the thing had nacho dip, beer, ketchup, barbecue sauce, among other things spilled on it, not to mention a peculiar odor, finally when they lost to the Steelers in the AFC title game I washed it!
                              Now I mentioned earlier that I bought it in medium, since 97' I've put on about 40 lbs. and the thing is like a belly shirt on me and I had to cut the sleeves to keep it fitting, the 3 is half gone and Davis on the back is so faded you can barely read it.
                              My girlfriend (now wife) has bought me like 6 different jerseys since then, including a nice white authentic personalized jersey, hoping that I'll throw that "ratty" old thing away, but it will NOT hit the trash can until it disintegrates into dust!
                              Other than that I always turn on my Broncos football lamp and set it on top of the TV, the light bulb blew in the 1st quarter of the Steelers AFC title game, I still that is why they lost.
                              I always drink (beer) out of my Broncos mug during the game and lastly I have an Autographed John Elway Football that I ALWAYS hold onto during the game, I toss it around in my hands, sometimes spike it in anger, I once busted the glass in her knick-knack cabinet doing that.
                              These are just some of the rituals I have on gameday, there are more but these are the weirdest probably!!!