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    Originally posted by stretch14 View Post
    If your going to try to back up your opinion you should probably know what your talking about. Rod Smith was never a QB in college (Probably not even in High School.) He finished his college career with multiple conference recieving records.
    Rod Smith was a quarterback, before he switched to wide receiver!


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      Originally posted by NickTranOwnz View Post
      What do you guys think about him? Fit to be a starter?

      I honestly believe he is not good at all. He's just fresh and fast, that's it. He screws up a lot of plays. I remember one play where he absolutely whiffed by a frickin mile on a simple tackle.

      He isn't a good replacement option, but it's the only the Broncos have got in my opinion.
      I wasn't calling for his head or anything. That's just plain stupid to deduce that.
      It seems like you are calling for his head. Maybe not to be cut, but, certainly not to be a starter anymore.

      I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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