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Crowder a good DT???

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    Crowder can play both DE, and DT, just like Trevor. We have alot of fans that should just be that fans, they don't know anything about the game or personnel!


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      Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
      I could see him used in like a Justin Tuck type of roll, he could get pressure up the middle on passing downs!
      The Giants didn't START Justin Tuck at DT. They moved him there to take advantage of certain situations and he was very effective.

      But, the starting Giants DTs were:
      LT Barry Cofield, 6'4" 306 lbs.
      RT Fred Robbins, 6'4" 317 lbs.

      Now THOSE are defensive tackles. Tuck backed up Strahan and will undoubtedly replace him on his retirement. He was certainly a good pickup for a 3rd rounder.

      I expect the Broncos to try and move Ekuban and Crowder inside on certain passing downs, but I'm unconvinced that it will work well. We'll see.

      But, you need a talented set of normal sized (6'4' or 6'5" 300 lbs.+) DTs to stop the run on a normal basis. You can't rely on 274 lbs. guys for that for a whole season! Trevor Pryce beefed up to around 290 and was effective, but that's an unusual case.

      The Patriots are a passing team, and the Giants stuffed the run early forcing Brady to go more to the pass as well. That made it even more useful to move Tuck inside and get different personnel out there for a pass-rush.

      But, you've got to have the basics (fundamental run defense) covered first! Having no good DTs is like having a boat with a hole in the bottom. It doesn't matter how many fancy staterooms there are on the 5th deck, if there's a hole in the bottom that boat's gonna sink!

      Shanahan has said publicly that they're going back to the 7 or 8 man defensive front that they used years ago. I always hated that because if teams managed to pick it up, the QB always had a bunch of WRs wide open all over the middle.

      We saw that during the playoff loses to the Colts. Manning constantly hit wide open Reggie Wayne over the middle for horrible yardage. (*shudders in memory of that fiasco*).

      I fully expect that with a blitz-happy defense the Broncos will beat some lousy teams (maybe the Chiefs and Raiders?) twice. But, when they play a good team with a decent OL they are royally screwed.

      Because having to put 8 men in the box all the time to stop the run because you don't have any good DTs to do the job is really limiting.