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    This is banking on the almost impossible possibility that we could get Ellis with the 12th.

    DE- Dumervil gets lots of playing time with a Crowder, Moss, Englberger, and Ekuban rotation on the other side
    DT-Ellis and Thomas
    WSLB-DJ Williams
    MIKE- Koutovides- lets hope he develops
    SSLB- Da Boss
    CB- Champ and Dre
    FS- Lynch
    SS- McCree and Abdullah, i'd kinda like to see ferg stay but that probably wont happen.

    I also hope for a 3rd round pick but want to keep foxy for our nickle. Yea i hope for a lot lol.


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      Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
      DE- Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder, Elvis Dumervil, Ebeneezer Ekuban (4 man rotation)

      DT- Marcus Thomas, Dre Moore, Frank Okam (3 man rotation)

      MIKE- Niko Koutivides

      WILL- D. J. Williams

      SAM- Boss Bailey

      CB's- Champ Bailey, Dre' Bly

      FS- Marlon McCree

      SS- Hamza Abdullah
      I agree with this for the most part. I honestly do not think Lynch is a starting S in the NFL anymore, not at 37. Lynch gives us good depth and leadership, but I think our best grouping is McCree and Hamza.

      On the Defensive Line, I personally think its suicide to have a rookie DT starting if his name is not Glenn or Sedrick. Since we are unlikely to get either one, I really hope we open up channels with New York again to get Dwyane Robertson. We would be bone headed to not, even with the contract situation. Furthermore, people have suggested a starting DL with Jarvis and Elvis, again that is suicide against the run...Like KWHIT97 pointed out, they will be used in a rotation to which there strengths are best utilized. I could see us come out on first downs with Ekuban and Crowder the starting ends, then on passing downs we switch to Jarvis and Elvis.

      here is my starting bunch (If we make the move for Robertson, which we should)

      LDE: Tim Crowder -
      DT: Dwayne Roberston
      DT: Marcus Thomas
      RDE: Jarvis Moss (Im hoping he gains some more weight so we can use him more)

      Again Elvis, Jarvis, Ebenezer, and Tim will be used in a rotation..Also we will have a three man DT rotation with the third man a 2nd round pick..or maybe a 4th round pick

      WILL: D.J Williams
      MIKE: Niko
      SAM: Boss Bailey

      I have hope for this friend who is a Seattle Fan said we got a great get with Niko, and that he would start on quite a few teams.

      CB: Champ Bailey
      FS: Marlon McCree
      SS:Hamza Abdulah
      CB: Dre Bly

      Lynch is the main backup at the S position. In addition, Foxworth will be used in the nickel formation.


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        I'd rather shoot myself than see McCree and Lynch starting together.


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          Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
          I'd rather shoot myself than see McCree and Lynch starting together.


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            Originally posted by konnorrollison View Post
            They are almost one in the same? McCree is just as slow as Lynch

            It'd be a terrible combination.


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              Originally posted by str8jacket View Post
              I honestly don't give a damn about who starts, my hope for the people that do play though.....

              GET TO THE QB

              I agree. You guys shouldn't care who starts. In my opinion the best player should start whether it's McCree or Abdullah, Niko or whomever.. as long as the Broncos win I don't care.