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    Originally posted by Wright.24 View Post
    Sounds like a great guy, a guy who wants to show people he is a reciever with retrun skills and not a returner with reciever skills
    This hit it on the head. I did not agree with picking a WR in this draft but if we were going to this was a good pick up. He will be able to help us from day one in the return game and maybe toward the end of the season or next year as a WR.


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      If any of you watch the video, he looks really nervous. Kind of funny
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        Originally posted by BroncoCanuck View Post
        Personally I think the people hating Royal are being very rediculous. Shannahan decided to bring in a return specialist who he can groom for a slot receiver position what's wrong with that? I'm not a big college football fan but from what I understand he has a more solid character then Desean Jackson. My problem is with the nature of the complaints. When is the last time Denver had a young standout kick returner? Therefore Shanahan drafts one and suddenly complaints rain down? All I heard last season is how we need a more explosive return game and now we have it. I may be wrong on this fact but I was shocked when watching the game that Martinez ran a kick back for a TD that it had been our first one in years. Thinking back it must have been because that's something I rarely ever recall seeing other then from Devin Hester of course. My point is we filled a huge need with a standup guy so give him some slack and let's see what he can do for our return game, another 10 yards of field position and a few TD's from the kickoff or punts would be huge in my opinion.
        I don't think people are upset that we took a return man, it's that we took one so early. I understand he fills a wr need also, but we brought in 3 good guys to compete for PT at wr, so it didn't seem like as big of a need as some of the other ways we could have went with the pick.

        At least thats what upset me, at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I began to love this pick. Our field position was HORRIBLE all year last year, and even if he doesn't take it to the house every time, it will go a huge way towards fixing our field position problem. Also, the veterans we brought in through FA (minus colbert) arent exactly young, and having a guy who can come in and grow as a wr with cutler will be good going towards the future. He should be able to step right in when stokley retires and, again, should have good chemistry with Cutler.


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          After reading that I'm kinda excited about the "kid". Here's to many years of happy returns!!
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            Went to the ASU home games (sundevil alum)...

            This guy is the real deal. Anytime he was in the game the ball was on the move, very consistent. ASU running game was garbage without him.


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              "Ryan, what do you think of the manner in which Denver and Mike Shanahan seems to bring in and discard running backs without so much as a second thought?"

              "Uhhhhh, what?"


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                Originally posted by 24CHAMPionships View Post
                When you say he caused problems....elaborate on him....because from what I'm hearing I think this guy may bring back our TD days and that makes me wanna
                Give us some play by play material or words for that matter...
                Problems like, he was virtually unstoppable.

                This past year:
                17 Attempts for 91 yards, 1 TD

                Year before:
                18 Attempts for 80 yards, 1 TD


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                  I will tell you what, I like the no self pity attitude he has. I have seen many players that get down on being drafted late, but here is a guy that gets taken round 5 and calls it, "a real good day". This guy just seems to want to play football, money and that other stuff a distant 2nd.

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