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Marcus Thomas *NOT* Going on Trial

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  • Marcus Thomas *NOT* Going on Trial

    Cool news for him/us. Hope he's learned his lesson. Credit to Josina Anderson -- she beat every Denver reporter to the punch... again.


    EXCLUSIVE: Broncos' Thomas Not Charged in Cocaine Incident
    May 9, 2008 | 6:36 PM
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    DENVER ( - Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas can now breathe a sigh of relief, even though he was forced to hold his breath a lot longer than he would have liked.

    After being arrested early March on preliminary charges of possession of a controlled substance, the prosecutor in Thomas's case has officially decided not to proceed due to lack of supporting evidence. And in his first interview on the matter since his arrest Thomas tells FOX 31 he's overjoyed to be vindicated.

    "I was so happy...I figured it was going to fall off anyways," said Thomas in an exclusive sit-down interview at his house with Fox 31 sports this morning.
    Both Thomas's agent Richard Burnoski, and his lawyer Charles Truncale called Fox 31 sports to spread the good news prior to that.

    "The State Attorney's Office filed a deposition notice indicating they reviewed the evidence, and they declined to prosecute," said Thomas's lawyer, Charles Truncale.

    On March 1, Thomas was riding as a passenger in a pick-up truck that was pulled over by Orange Park Police in Florida for suspicion of driving under the influence.

    Thomas's former High School football teammate Bryce Carter, 24, was driving; a third friend was in the back seat.

    All three men were leaving a going-away party for Thomas as he was preparing to return to Denver. Thomas had decided he was not sober enough to drive. As it turned out neither was Carter.

    Upon contact of the vehicle the arrest record indicates that Corporal Edward Kaczkowski observed a handgun in the glove compartment of the vehicle, which led to a search of the truck that turned up a small plastic bag containing a white substance later identified as cocaine.

    According to Thomas, Carter eventually told officers on the scene that neither the handgun nor the cocaine belonged to him, however both he and Carter were jailed. As a result Thomas had to let due process to take its course and reveal his innocence.

    "I'm mad in a way just for all this being blown up, but at the same time I understood they did their job. I still feel like ‘how did I get arrested if the man [Carter] said that it [the cocaine] was his?’ and he admitted it was his at the scene of the crime," said Thomas .bhjmn

    But the bottom line for Thomas's representatives is that the public understands the truth now.

    "[For Thomas] it is not a matter of being acquitted on charges, this is better than that. Once the evidence was reviewed by the state attorney, they decided no charges should be brought at all. That is the best possible result with regard to the arrest," emphasized Truncale.

    Burnoski is even more thankful to the Broncos organization for giving Thomas a fair chance. He knows after everything Thomas went through *-- getting kicked off Florida’s National Championship team in 2006 for most of that season due to a couple of failed marijuana tests -- it would have been easy to rush to judgment after this latest incident.

    "I just want to thank the Broncos for truly being very supportive. They could have fired Marcus on the spot, but I am glad they were patient with him and this process," said Burnoski.

    Thomas says if it wasn't for his faith, he would have been overwhelmed by the public’s perception of his guilt.

    "I prayed about it, I put everything in God's hands and it worked out."

    Carter has since been formally charged in this case. Although Thomas is sad for his former schoolmate, he knows this trial in his life is a valuable lesson learned: not only does he need to stay away from trouble, but also any associates that can get him into trouble as well.

    REPORTER'S NOTE: Thomas's full length interview will air in Double Coverage Sunday night between 9:30-10:00pm.
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    Good, now he can concentrate on football. I'm expecting big things from him next season.


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      Defensive line is going to be sooooo much better this year.


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        Yeah, thankfully this is over. What's up with Florida Broncos going back to Florida and getting caught up in doing dumb stuff. Hopefully Moss doesn't want to go visit anyone any time soon.
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          Originally posted by Ian View Post
          Yeah, thankfully this is over. What's up with Florida Broncos going back to Florida and getting caught up in doing dumb stuff. Hopefully Moss doesn't want to go visit anyone any time soon.
          something about the lifestyle down there, they just think they have to go BEYOND reason when it comes to partying.... their friends and people they hang out with just don't help them out, and don't give a crap. Its that Miami mode....


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            Now we can focus on why we drafted him. I'll bet Mr. Thomas puts up some good numbers in this '08 season.

            Just think about it, he was out of football for a season (suspended in college) and still found his way into the starting line-up. I think he is starting to grow up and his brain is catching up with his man sized body. I believe this year he's going to explode with passion......Good luck Marcus and GOD SPEED!!!!:thumb:


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              Thank goodness, would have been at worst a 2nd round pick if he didn't have issues at Florida.


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                Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                something about the lifestyle down there, they just think they have to go BEYOND reason when it comes to partying.... their friends and people they hang out with just don't help them out, and don't give a crap. Its that Miami mode....
                I just moved up from West Palm Beach and I lived in Orlando for like 7 years and let me tell you Florida is crazy, especially South Florida. People are animals down there sometimes. I credit it to steroids and alcoholism. Whatever you do be careful on the interstates down there, drunk steroid users bring a whole new meaning to road rage.


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                  Was the public perception really overwhelming saying that he was guilty?

                  At least around here it seemed like people were being patient...the facts that the coke wasnt his came out right after he got arrested...I just dont recall too many people freaking out over this.

                  In fact until I saw this thread I hadnt even really thought about it since March.

                  And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


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                    What I Would Not Give !

                    You know what! I can only dream to be a football star player playing for the beloved Denver Broncos in the NFL. Making millions and millions of dollars playing a game that I love to play. If I was one of these players making millions hell even a few hundred thousand I sure would not attempt to put my job in jepordy by associating with the wrong crowd instead I would find my self a honey or two and just find the greatest vaction spot in the world I would say some where with white sany beaches and clear blue water and I would just enjoy life ie relaxing in the sun, body surfing (near the shore to avoid sharks) with a life vest on ! Having some fine chicks in binkins all around me! Maybe drinking a frozen margarita or two would not hurt but only on the beach with the ladies ! Ya thats all I would do and thats what I suggest to all the NFL players that seem to just get in trouble off season. Just go on a nice vaction enjoy life and dont get caught up in some stupid bs.


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                      Even if he was totally innocent I hope he finds some better people to hang out with. I wish him the best and hope he can turn things around and have a fantastic career in Denver.


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                        This is good news. Perhaps in the future he will choose who he hangs out with more carefully and that there will be no repeat of this incident. Now football should be his main focus.


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                          Good Marcus Thomas can work on solidifying a starting DT position for the Broncos. I know a lot of people are counting on him to contribute this season.

                          BTW - Good find Momento, looks like your first post so Welcome to the boards!

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                            whats funny is the number of people that jumped on him when the story came out this board was filled with threads about the incident and none of them were very productive. they were bashing thomas and saying we didnt need guys like this on the team.

                            in the end he ends up vindicated and i am happy, but i am still upset about the number of fans that bashed him without cause on this board


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                              this doent prove crap other that he dodged a bullet...He's still running with the wrong people.