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    Originally posted by SkinnyTony View Post
    Look, I think our line will be improved over last season but the talk of it being "great" or "dominant" is foolish hyperbole. We don't know how effective Nalen and Hamilton will be coming off injuries. We don't know how quickly Clady will adjust to the NFL game. The rest or our linemen are mediocre at best, and our line will still be smallish and struggle with the bigger, more physical front sevens in the league and be less effective in the red zone than outside it.

    Let's just hope Cutler has more time than he had to throw the ball last year so they don't have to roll him out so often and they have more time to use his big arm to throw down the field more often.

    And as for beating the Chargers and winning the division? Maybe we can hang with them but I don't think we beat them and we definitely don't take the division from them. Not this year. Still too many question marks and too much ground to make up.
    i hope i can rub this post in your face in december....not trying to start [email protected]# just hope your wrong. and i never count the broncos out if the chargers have 1/2 the injuries we had last year we could definately take back the div,even without that we still have a chance and you cant convince me otherwise....see ny giants,weve got as good a shot as they did if not better!
    i'm a BRONCO'S fan !:go: