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Finding hope in analysis of our 07-08 red-zone offense

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    [QUOTE=Buckin' Bronco;2215487]
    Originally posted by Sacklunch View Post

    I agree the power running game is rare nowadays, some beef on the O-line would help. Remember though bulk is good but they still need to be quick and athletic enough to run our zone blocking scheme. Which is our staple of course!
    Of course, but if they can put the weight on, still have solid technique and quick feet I'm all for it. Give Cutler some extra time and widen those running lanes.

    Like Kramer when he adopted a segment of highway and repainted the lanes to make it luxurious!


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      Originally posted by Buckin' Bronco View Post

      Of course, but if they can put the weight on, still have solid technique and quick feet I'm all for it. Give Cutler some extra time and widen those running lanes.

      Like Kramer when he adopted a segment of highway and repainted the lanes to make it luxurious!
      yeah more time for Jay would be nice! Luxurious lanes deal on Seinfeld was a hoot.


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        Originally posted by sdinner10 View Post
        One of the major struggles that Denver had last year was their inability to score in the red-zone.
        I did some research (thank you ESPN for your drive charts), and did a breakdown of Denver’s offense last year. On the offensive side of the ball Denver was stopped a total of 19 times inside the red-zone, not including end of half/game field goals, and the number goes up considerably if you stretch the red-zone to the 25 yard line. Here’s a breakdown of Denver being stopped in the red-zone last year:

        From the 5 yard-line and in: 12 stops (2 fumbles lost, 3 failed 4th down conversions, and 7 field goals).

        From the 6-10: 1 stop (1 fumble lost).

        From the 11-15: 3 stops (1 failed 4th down conversion and 2 field goals).

        From the 16-20: 3 stops (1 fumble lost and 2 field goals).

        What does all this mean?

        Last year there were several close games that could have turned out quite differently had we scored a touchdown in the red-zone rather than stalling. In our 19-13 overtime loss to Green Bay, we lost a fumble at the 1 yard line and were forced to kick a field goal when we stalled out at the 3 yard line. Had either one of these been touchdowns, we would have won that game. In the 3rd quarter of our 14-23 loss to Jacksonville, we failed to convert a 4th down on the 3 yard line. If we would have punched it in, we would have been up 21-20 at that point, and would have had a decent chance of winning the game. And in our 23-3 loss to San Diego, we turned the ball over twice in the red-zone and were forced to kick a field goal another time when we stalled at the 5 yard line. While I am not saying that we would have won this games for sure if we hadn’t screwed up in the red-zone, but it makes it a much closer game and gives us a realistic chance.

        What have we done to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

        If you look at our draft and offseason acquisitions, we should be able to better handle the red-zone. One of the reasons I love our drafting of Clady is that he is a beast, and will be able to push the pile in goal line stands. While I know that he is not a great run blocker right now, I believe that Shanny will develop him into a powerful and well rounded left tackle. Another draftee that will help in the red-zone is Torain. Torain is a big power back who will be able to punch the ball in. I figure that at the very least, we should have a great red-zone back for at least the first month (Torain and Henry won’t both be hurt in the first month, fingers crossed). And if either of them can stay healthy, we should be set.

        Hillis should also make a difference, as he has great hands for a full back, which gives Cutler another good target to pass to in the red-zone.
        Finally, one of, if not the most important component to red-zone scoring is the offensive line. Last year our line was plagued by injuries, but this year we have greater depth on the line, and players will be playing their more natural position (ie, Kuper will not be playing left tackle).
        I truly believe that we will be better in the red-zone this year, which should win us at least a game or two. It remains to be seen if this will be enough to get us into the playoffs.

        On a side note, I tried researching our defense in the red-zone, but it is more time consuming to do, so I’ll put that out later. However I believe that our off season acquisitions and change in defensive scheme should help us quite a bit.
        I know this thread is as few days old, but its a really good one so I don't feel too bad resurrecting it.

        There is one thing that I think needs to be explicitly stated about our offense. If we run right at the D, right down the middle, and everyone knows it, we're going to get stuffed. Our run offense is based off the idea of getting both lines to shift so that our smaller O-linemen can use there quickness to get position on the D-linemen. If our O-line simply pushes as hard as it can against their D-line we'll lose. I think this is well reflected in the 12 stops from the 0-5 yardline mentioned above.

        I'm trying to remember how this was handled when Elway and TD were running the show. I seem to remember there being a lot of 3 and 4 yard throws so that when we did run right at them it wasn't obvious to everyone in the stadium before hand.

        Does anyone else remember Cutler hinting last year that the play calling at the goal line was 1 dimensional? I remember getting the impression from him that it wasn't so much the execution in the redzone as it was the predictable plays.

        With Shanny have more confidence in Cutler this year, with a better 0-line, and with some interesting new goal line weapons (like a fullback that can catch), I think we'll see an improvement in the red-zone.


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          Bumped! Because it is a better read than what is on the boards as of late!

          Happy Reading! Go Broncos!:salute!:


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            Originally posted by BroncosRockdaRockies View Post
            Happy Reading! Go Broncos!:salute!:
            Haha! Thanks, although it was kinda an old thread.