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the Broncos got fleeced

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    Well, I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it. Coaches and coordinators took an awesome scrambling QB, who ALWAYS had played better outside the pocket, and tried to turn him into a pocket QB. Wasn't Jake's ability to make things happen outside the pocket the main reason we got him in the first place??? How dare we place blame on Jake for trying to stay in the pocket (like he was told to do!) behind an offensive line as porous as a sieve? I recall that after Cutler replaced him, Jay was also sacked and had to run for his life!

    That said, I do believe that, ultimately, Cutler will be a much better QB than Jake ever was. I believe that Cutler COULD be our new Elway. The guy IS awesome, and can only get better with time and experience.

    I just don't think it's fair, or honest, to say that Jake sucked. To say he sucked would place him with the likes of Ryan Leaf, Jim Everett, Jim Druckenmiller, Akili Smith, Todd Marinovich...... Need I continue? Anyone who would make that comparison is a fool!!