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Which Moment was most painful for you last year?

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    There really were too...

    ...many painful losses last year. For me personally it was driving 9 hours to watch the Jaguars run all over us all day. We could not stop them for anything...we had no run defense which definitely reared it's ugly head for the rest of the season. After that all any team had to do was just run, run, run...we couldn't stop any team from doing that. The Detroit and and Chargers games were just total humiliation. I was embarrased horribly those days and when my Broncos lose I have a really bad week at work around all there Chiefs fans...They give it to me good. I never take too much from the division games because you just never know how those are going to go. Never a guarantee there. Favre made me weak to the depths of my soul...I hate it when it comes down to one play winning the games. I was almost as sick to my stomach after that one as I was at the year before when we gave Peyton Manning 1:42 left on the clock and we lost... I hate it when we give the other team a chance I think even more than getting blown out by a division rival (well except that 45-17 thing the KC fans still like to brag about and how many years later???). Maybe we can get back on our feet this year and have a good season to look back on with joy instead of having to feel this way all offseason.
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      for me its the packer game it really wasnt blys fault people forget that champ got burned from james jones thier slot.but we lost game that when the ball was hit out of cutlers on the 1