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    Originally posted by DawgFanatic View Post
    Jake Plummer owns the patriots. Not cutler. broncos won't stand a chance. book it.
    hahahaha *slaps my knee*.Fool, why would a hand ball player go against the patriots? Lets stay on the topic of football.


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      What do we have to do to have a chance?

      Hows about just show up. Our record vs Patriots since Belicheck took over is pretty good.


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        Im from New England too
        Thanks Sporting4life!

        Welcome to Denver Von Miller!!

        Originally posted by MarshallMoss
        My bet is open to anyone. 7 sacks minimum playing at least 14 games in 2011. I will eat crow if I am wrong, and will cp everyone who takes my offer. If you lose, you will be happy to send a cp my way![/B]
        Bet Taken! Although i hope you win


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          Ok then i guess chances are good, so ill be there and tell you guys what i think when im there, now i just gotta find someone who knows someone so i can get some autographs or pictures or something


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            Ok now that everyone thinks the broncos are going to win lets hear how the game is going to turn out...

            Who is going to do what? Which bronc is going to be the biggest part in the destruction of the "dynasty"