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Broncos Sign Ryan Clady

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    Originally posted by Broncofan1990 View Post
    the darn CBS4 text woke me up this morning..... other then that YAY!
    Yeah... I was steppng out of the shower and thought- Son uva, if that woke me up!!!

    Then I forwarded it to a couple of my friends who weres till in bed!! lol
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      Nice lets just hope Clady is the real deal now, can't wait to hear about Training Camp.


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        Yes the deal is done, I don't really look at it as that steep of a price. If Clady produces on the field then he earned it!

        It's also not my money!


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          Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
          To an extent, certainly, but I'd say the vast majority of the contract, especially in the first round, comes from negotiation leverage and the player's football position. After the 2nd round, the salaries really become heavily slotted regardless.

          Last year, a RB, Marshawn Lynch, was taken 12th Overall, he received a 5 year, 18.9 million, 10 million guarantee.

          Typically, offensive playmakers are paid fairly disproportionate amounts compared to normal salaries for their draft slot. That, of course, completely goofs up the negotiations for a non-offensive playmaker drafted in a similar slot the next year.

          And sometimes, the player is of such a massive need that the team overpays to avoid a holdout. I think we did that here since the #10 player Overall only received roughly 2 million more then Clady, but Clady received roughly 4 million more then Chris Williams at 14. But at least it wasn't to the calibur of the Cardinals last year and Levi Brown. They paid him more then any player will make in this 2008 draft (other then Matt Ryan) and because of it, KC can't sign Glenn Dorsey in that draft slot. He wants his 62 million now, which has completely ticked off Chiefs ownership. I find it all amusing.

          Compared to that deal though, Clady is a steal. However, with harder negotiations we could have gotten him cheaper or added a non-voidable 6th year onto the K. If he develops, that 6th year would have been immensely valuable in the 8-10 million range. Prospects always hate to do 6 year deals though, they want to hit FA faster for a chance at more guaranteed cash. NFL clubs can get it done, but they have to take a hard bargaining position and be willing to risk a likely holdout. I don't think we had that luxury this season. We had to have Clady in camp. The end result is a K worth roughly 2 million more then it should be. Which is not really a big deal, but it is 2 million that could have been saved, if not a lot more by hammering out a 6 year deal. In the end we caved because we had to.
          Got this from the Post:

          The true guarantee (minus salaries) of the deal was $11 million. The max-out value of the contract — which Clady would hit if he plays in multiple Pro Bowls and meets all playing time incentives — is $17.5 million.
          I don't think the deal is too terrible (other than the fact that ALL top picks get guaranteed too much considering the risk of busting).

          Last year's #10 (Okoye) got $17.6 million for 6 years (final voidable) / $12.785 million guaranteed. The #12 (Lynch) got $18.935 million / $10.285 million guaranteed. That's a difference of $2.5 million in guaranteed money.

          This year's #10 (Mayo) got $18.9 million / $13.8 million guaranteed. And Clady's $17.5 million / $11.5 million guaranteed means a difference of $2.3 million in guaranteed money. (I was also going to compare the #14 picks from this year and last year but Revis's contract with the Jets was pretty screwy.)

          To me, the premium of $200,000 in guaranteed money compared to last year's #12 (on a relative basis) is negligible, and that's assuming the Post (updated at 11:20 a.m.) was off on their $11 million figure instead of the $11.5 million first reported. And I believe franchise LTs are getting about as much respect as running backs these days. To max out the contract, though, Clady apparently would have to play in multiple Pro Bowls. If he does that, I doubt any of us would begrudge him that full $17.5 million.

          But as you mentioned, it's hard to get too worked up over the details at #12 when you've got the Chiefs dealing with Dorsey. While I'd love to have a top 5 talent, I sure don't miss the top 5 contracts!
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            Who was it that replaced Ted Sundquist

            This seems like a good showing for him.... I think the Broncos did a good job with the signings..

            Looking at Clady's contract ...If he pans out to be a stud LT then that is great offer IMO..
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              It's a fair price to pay when he is your "starting" left tackle.

              Glad they sowed him up for 5 years, that was "very" smart.


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                I'm just glad that Clady is signed and now everybody is signed. It is one less distraction as training camp gets underway.