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    Originally posted by Bronc Knight View Post

    You are right many people are skeptical about the Steelers OL. Just watched NFL Live at Pitt's TC and Big Ben talked about how he feels the line will be great. I'm not so sure but then again Big Ben does have a ring.

    Great post, BUT now lets start on shrinking your sig.....yeah?


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      Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
      Great post, BUT now lets start on shrinking your sig.....yeah?
      Unfortunately I have tried to shrink it a little bit and I haven't been able to edit the picture to condense it. If i can find a smaller pic ill use it.


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        Originally posted by japfaff View Post
        I agree with you cept for Denver and Cleve. I think Cleveland will get the wild card, and Pittsburg will win the North. Cleveland needs to prove to me that they can beat Pitt, before I will crown them.

        As for Denver....I am not sold at all on our O&Dline. I think that we have pretty much the same line talent wise as last year (maybe a little better). Come on fella's D Rob. was never that good in NY. Dont give me the whole 3-4 thing cause he had 3 years in a 4-3. I think that our LB's also took a step back. Bailey has never impressed me, and Webster in the middle..... Just not buying it. Oline...Where to begin..... according to all reports.... Clady is doing great definate plus.... But With Nalen's knee hurting and fron all reports Hamilton is showing a lot of rust, and Holland to fat to play Oline......I just dont know....I hope that I am wrong, but i think our patch work line is going to really resemble last years
        I agree with you and I think that this year Cleveland will at least split with Pittsburgh but win the Division.

        Even with the question marks that the Broncos currently have I still feel that when push comes to shove they will be in the playoffs.


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          Why The Broncos can win the AFC West

          I am so sick and tired of everybody saying the Broncos have no chance to win the AFC West this year because the Chargers are "too good" they won eleven games last year which is not great, they come into this year with a QB coming off a knee injury, which no matter what Rivers says is going to be an issue if your knee hurts you dont set your feet right in the pocket, if you dont set right the ball sails meaning, INT. Antonio Gates is is still fighting that big toe injury, and you cant plant to run routes on a bad toe, and that also will affect his leaping ability. And LT is not getting any younger, yes I know he is only 29 but for a running back that is often an age where things can begin to slow a little bit. Do not get me wrong LT will still be better than 99% of the backs in the league he just will not be in 2006 form. And then there is the broncos side of it, Eddie "Crown" Royal will be a huge addition if nothing else in the return game, are O line is much improved as is the D-line. Cutler will come into his own this season and Selvin Young and Ryan Torrian will be a great Duo at RB, and dont forget we still have one of the best coaches in the game in Shanahan. So Broncos fans please dont give me this we can not when the division BS, it can be done and I expect great things in Broncos Country this year!
          Go Broncos!!!!