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What players that are playing today will make it into the HOF?

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    Originally posted by hilife View Post
    Yea, as good as Clady is it's way to early to say he will make it.

    LETS GO Phyllis KILLER!!!!
    It's way too early to say the same for Cutler and Marshall also

    But Phyllis Killer is a lock!!!


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      What are your thoughts on...

      I like alot of the responses so far, but they mention many obvious sure thing hall of famers, with some random ones mixed in. I was wondering what some peoples thoughts are on some players that are extremely borderline, these are a few i could think of, feel free to respond or add to the list.

      Kurt Warner- who can forget his few years of glory, 3 pro bowls, 2 nfl mvps, a superbowl mvp, and fun to watch
      Edgerin James- 4 pro bowls, rookie of the year, 2 rushing titles, leads colts in yards and rushing tds, ALSO 13th all time in NFL in rushing
      Jason Elam- an excellent pick for this topic and a bronco, he is one of the best to ever play his position, in any other position hed be a sure lock
      Fred Taylor- 17th all time rushing (1 ahead of LT still), maybe a stretch, but im certain jacksonville fans wouldnt think so.
      How about Jeff Garcia (remember those analyst love to add in CFL stats), Steve Smith, Mike Alstott

      (a side note, lorenzo neal has to be a sure thing, clearly the best at his position for a long period of time)


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        What about coaches?

        Coach Shanahan
        Coach Belichick
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          Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
          It's way too early to say the same for Cutler and Marshall also

          But Phyllis Killer is a lock!!!
          well in that case whoever kills cutler week 2 is in the HOF as well


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            Champ Champ Champ

            he'll make it

            and even if no one else does, I'll be happy.

            I'd make a list, but I doubt I'll think of anyone who hasn't been mentioned yet. I just wanted to give that shout out to Champ, since they were nice enough to do the same on NFL Network the other night.


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              Lets see

              The Broncos:
              Tommy Nalen
              Jason Elam
              John Lynch

              A couple of retired ones:
              Rod Smith!!!!
              Shannon Sharpe

              The easy ones:
              Peyton Manning
              Tom brady
              Brett Favre
              Tony Gonzalez

              Ray Lewis
              Chad Johnson
              Jason Taylor


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                A lot of good responses so far.
                A few unmentioned ones....

                Zach Thomas
                Hines Ward (assuming a few more solid years)

                The HOF is so tricky though, theres plenty of guys in who I think "OK if he is in how is HE not in!"

                Its a popularity contest