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Are Bronco fans History majors?

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    Actually, I am a history major. Which of little use in the football world or the real world. And Miami's last Championship is alot closer to 100 years old than Denver's back to back feat.
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      Even if Miami goes to the playoffs, what will they do? Make everyone laugh themselves to death. Your team scares no one.

      Dolphins postseason losses since '97

      1997 AFC Wildcard Game: lost 3 - 17 at New England Patriots
      1998 AFC Divisional Playoff: lost 3 - 38 at Denver Broncos
      1999 AFC Divisional Playoff: lost 7 - 62 at Jacksonville Jaguars
      2000 AFC Divisional Playoff: lost 0 - 27 at Oakland Raiders
      2001 AFC Wildcard Game: lost 3 - 20 vs. Baltimore Ravens

      The Dolphins choke in the playoffs, you've been outscored 16-164 in your losses and Marino was responsible for some of those.
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        And Miami has a lot of fortune tellers. You for get whos QBing the fish men ?. You must have a memory lapse-and forgot whom yhey still face to play.
        God I miss the Mountains !!!


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          Re: Re: Are Bronco fans History majors?

          Originally posted by broncobuc
          I'm no history major but I did lower my car insurance thru Geico


          Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

          The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
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