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What is your favorite Bronco collectable or odditiy?

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    Two of my oddities is one of those hopping wind-up things that is the old D helmet with arms and eyes and one of those little troll dolls with blue hair and an old style orange Broncos shirt on with white and blue stripes on the sleeve.

    A few of my favorite things are my First Down newspaper autographed by John Elway (it is now framed in conservation glass), limited edition print of Mile High Stadium and Invesco Field at Mile High while they were still beside each other and my Denver Broncos Monopoly game (still sealed).


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      Originally posted by BroncoMJ View Post
      chairbacks from mile high stadium.priceless.
      OOOH....That is a good one....I so wanted one of them
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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        My little stash

        Originally posted by sharp_shepherd View Post
        As i was going through my Bronco collection yesterday I realized that I have some odd things which got me to thinking what others might have out there. Here a a few of my bronco things worth mentioning:

        1. I have the 1988 Super Bowl Champion Denver Bronco Penant. Yes, that is right I have it even though we didn't win the super bowl that year. Rare and in mint condition.
        2. A John Elway vodoo doll that i ripped out of the hands of two chief fans as they were giving John the business and we were losing at the time. I got it out of their hands and we won. He still owes me for that now that i think of it.
        3. The John Elway "The Drive" comic book in mint condition.
        4. A plastic statue of John Elway (still in the box) from many many years ago that when you push a button John Elway's voice explains the plays in "The Drive"
        5. The Pizza Hut place mats from like upteen years ago.
        6. The entire un open collection of Orange Crush with the all the players on different cans. 45 different cans total i think.

        So what do you guys have?
        I still have a full bottle of coke in the case with the Bronco and Packer helmets on it from when they won the super bowl and I also have a Monopoly game with the Broncos and Packer never opened plus have the full offensive line in doll form that fit inside each other, I picked them up in Alaska, not to mention a Shannon Sharp bobble head doll. I also have the original Elway doll in the box that says his stats when you push the button. But I really like my big Bronco Helmet bar B Q never used. GO BRONCOS!


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          Ive been collecting bronco auotgraphes for years....
          1: Elway signed super bowl 32 full size helmet.
          2: Terrell Davis signed full size helmet.
          3: 2007 team signed bronco full size helmet.
          4: Elway signed super bowl 32 football.
          5: Shanan Sharpe signed football.
          6: Champ Bailey signed football.
          7: 2007 team signed football.
          8: 2007 team signed javon Walker jersey.
          9: 2008 team signed Jon Lynch jersey
          10: Champ Bailey signed pro Bowl jersey.
          11: shanan Sharpe signed jersey
          12: ED Mcraphey signed jersey
          13: Clinton Portis signed jersey.
          14: Jhon Elway signed jersey.
          All of these items are authentic. And im still tryin to find things i want.
          sigpic Thanks Tebow for everything that you did on your short time being a Bronco. I will always be a fan of yours no matter where you are at.


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            you would have to pry the chairbacks from my dead hands to get em from me.its might take the Denver Broncos to get em from me. did I ever say im not getting rid of them? one of them is no. 7.


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              An autographed broncos football (with the old logo on it) signed by Rod Smith when he was a rookie. My favorite thing though is an old Coke Bottle with the original Broncos Logo, (the football player riding the Bronco) Thats priceless to me.


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                This is one of my "oddest": A 16" tall Bud bottle for the inaugural season at Invesco......

                My favorite is my Elway and Marino autographed photo.


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                  My two favorite pieces are:

                  #1: A commemorative superbowl #32 football signed by Rod Smith, John Elway, Shannon Sharpe & Terrell Davis.

                  #2: An alternate orange Jerry Rice Bronco jersey autographed.