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Rod Smith Now Officially Brandon Marshall's Mentor....

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    "I don't get paid a dime," he said. "This is personal for me. My pay is by them letting me come through those big gates for 14 years."
    That is beyond words cool. Seriously. What other professional athelete would do that? not many. not many at all.


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      This is exactly what some of us were prescribing when Brandon was getting into the news on a regular basis just a while back. I felt that Shanny needed to get one or two of the leaders to mentor him, including Rod Smith. So this makes absolute sense to me, and I am quite happy that it has taken place. Not sure why Rod had to take the initiative, as I thought the Broncos would even compensate for the role that he has taken on.

      I am feeling better about Brandon for this, along with the fact that the league has addressed his issues (meaning he knows that the time to step up is now), and that he and Jay are roomies. I believe Jay will be a long term leader for the team, doing it his way. All in all, we can feel positive in that Brandon has 2 or more folks spending time and effort to make him a more responsible adult. I believe the end result will be good, even if it takes some time, and quite possibly Brandon will become a leader himself, on and off the field. As for football talent, he is in the elite category. Just needs some character polish.


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        Originally posted by vicious2500 View Post
        Marshall was getting in trouble when Smith was on the team. So i'm not entirely sure how much this will change things.
        Rod, in the times when Marshall was on the team with him - had hampering injuries as well as a necessity for staying mentally tuff for game day. Now out of football it is surly easier to direct all of his emotion and attention Brandon's way if need be. I definitely see this as something that can change him, just think about it.


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          Originally posted by AmericanBronc View Post
          I give it a 50/50 chance. Marshall is a "good kid", we hear, but no one likes being lectured. Ekuban was saying it was difficult to be a leader and give advice and such, because the players don't respect him as much if he's not out there showing and leading by example.
          That's a Rod Smith quote, he said exactly the same thing too, and they're right, that's why it's all up to Marshall if he wants to make it happen bad enough.

          Marshall has the Idiot Gene, that much is obvious to me, it all hinges on whether or not he has enough self control and maturity off the field if he's going to succeed on the field.

          I hope the chances are better than 50/50, but I would take that bet anyways......


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            This is the perfect chance to see what Marshall is made of. If he blows off Smith and continues down his current path then we see his character, and know to just distance ourselves from him. But if he heeds Smiths advice and actually learns from his mistakes and becomes a leader on the field and in the community, Then we have another rock to build our franchise.....And it just shows how valuable Rod Smith was.... Even in Retirement he deserves MVP consideration
            Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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              Thanks for posting this. I read it yesterday and was as impressed as ever with my favorite Bronco. I am glad to see that people are recognizing him, even though I know he doesn't care about recognition.

              I was disappointed with the small amount of fanfare his retirement was given by both the Broncos and the fans.

              For me, I will still watch the Broncos, but the heart has gone. I hope someone emerges, but no one will ever replace #80.
              Proud Bronco fan since 1975. I just wish every football player out there today was more like my man Rod Smith. Knowing we will never see him on the field again is very hard. He gave everything he had and left his guts on the field. I will miss him.