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too much talk about this is denver going to get the wild card

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  • too much talk about this is denver going to get the wild card

    i hope they do
    Denver is gay so hell no

    The poll is expired.

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    I am a hard-core Bronco fan all the way, and I am still rooting for them with all my heart, but after Oakland I think there schedule may be too rough(KC,CLE,IND,GB) with all the injuries and wavering confidence.
    Thanks for the memories, Ed.
    Can't wait for playoff time!


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      Yeah i hav to agree on dat one. They do hav a very tough skedule and injuries hav hurt them. It would be gret for them to make it, but by the way it loox, their chances rnt big they r playin raiders sunday then KC then Browns, colts n packers. Hopefully sumtin good will happen. For the most part I vote mayb (cuz u neva no wat culd happen)


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        A solid maybe. Ya just don't know how it'll go, one week to the next.
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          I think we can do it for the simple reason that we tend to play to our competition. If we are facing one of the "better" teams in the league, we play harder than if we are facing one of the "bottom feeders" (Chicago). I'm still staying with my notion that we WILL beat the Chefs December 7th. Oakland doesn't scare anybody anymore, but the fact it's at Oakland makes it a bigger game. Being consistent in my theory, we could have a tough time with Cleveland. Indy and GB are two respected teams in the league and we just may step up and punch them in the mouth.

          In conclusion, given my theory, I think we'll make the playoffs at 10-6.
          Fending off Chefs left and right since 1980.


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            The Last Wildcard Scenario

            The Dolphins (8-4) remaining games are:

            Dec 7 at New England
            Dec 15 Philadelphia
            Dec 21 at Buffalo
            Dec 28 NY Jets

            Bronocs (6-5):

            11/30 at Oakland
            12/07 Kansas City
            12/14 Cleveland
            12/21 at Indianapolis
            12/28 at Green Bay

            Thei Fish could feasibly lose against NE, Philly and either of their division rivals Buffalo or the Jets. IMO, they'll lose their next two, and one of their last two, giving them a record of 9-7.

            Denver needs to win at least 3 of their next 5 to have a chance at the wildcard. If 9 is the magic # to get the final wildcard, then you cant discount the Bungles or Ravens yet as well. I'm not sure how this all ties together in the event of a 2 way or 3 way tie, but it'll be interesting. Personally, I hope Miami or Cincy/Balt gets the final wildcard spot, because they'd be easier to beat than Denver.


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              I'll pick Philly to make Filet-O-Fish out of the Dolphins. Jets? Hmm, interesting prospect. Maybe. But then again, one never knows with them.

              Denver won't have an easy time against the Ravens, and I might as well go get fitted right now for a pacermaker for the Chiefs game. But for some weird reason, it's the Indy game that makes me nervous. Don't ask me why.

              Nevertheless, I think if Denver's entire offense shows up to play, and there are no more major injuries on either O or D, it'll be Denver for that last wildcard spot.


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                Depending on what Miami does, the only game the Broncos can afford to lose is against the Packers. All the rest are AFC games and would be major factors in tie-breakers, which currently favor the Broncos if they tie Miami.

                The Broncos really need a 4-game winning streak to have a good shot at the playoffs... unless Miami stumbles down the stretch. They sure looked good yesterday against the 'Pokes but Dallas has been wilting against good defensive teams.
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                  Oakland is even more vulnarble now that Woodson is out. Playing them at Oakland lessens the advatage for the Broncos. Cleveland is a team that could be dangerous if taken lightly. I'm glad that the KC game is at home. Denver can play with KC as the first game showed us. If not for Dauntes return and Oneil fumble, the game could have been Denvers. Indi is in a dome and the broncos got speedy receivers who I think will have a big game there. At GB, the Broncos better learn how to play those cold weather games better than they did with da Bears.
                  I like positives and think Denver can take all 5 games which of course would get them in. Put me down for yes.
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                    the problem I see with the broncos is that they would have to
                    play 2 damn near playoff games on the road at the end of the
                    year--( indy,gb) and then on the road for their first playoff game.
                    Thats 3 playoff like games on the road in a row and I don't think
                    any team can go to the superbowl under those odds cause remember they still have @ a divisional playoff and @ the afc
                    championship now thats 5 road playoff games basically.................


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                      Ravens have a much easier schedule


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                        "Denver is gay" that's a new one to me.

                        That the hip thing on the playground?


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                          Originally posted by Chris
                          That the hip thing on the playground?
                          LOL, you crack me up!

                          sadly, he's a Broncos fan also
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                            Originally posted by Chris
                            Ravens have a much easier schedule
                            If that's true, we'd better hope the Ravens win their division. We at least hold the tie-breaker with the Bengals so we'd get the wildcard over them.
                            "You can't take the sky from me..."
                            "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding"


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                              Raven's schedule

                              Nov 30 San Francisco
                              Dec 7 Cincinnati
                              Dec 14 at Oakland
                              Dec 21 at Cleveland
                              Dec 28 Pittsburgh

                              My prediction: 4-1/3-2?

                              Bengal's schedule

                              Nov 30 at Pittsburgh
                              Dec 7 at Baltimore
                              Dec 14 San Francisco
                              Dec 21 at St. Louis
                              Dec 28 Cleveland

                              My prediction: 2-3?