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  • Torain

    Torain's elbow injury healing quicker than expected

    By Bill Williamson

    Updated: August 21, 2008, 7:06 PM ET

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    The Denver Broncos got some encouraging news Thursday regarding rookie tailback Ryan Torain, who recently underwent surgery to repair a broken bone in his left elbow. He was expected to be out for three months.

    Torain was told by his doctor on Thursday the elbow is healing better than he expected, Torain's agent Troy Asmus, said. As a result, Torain may miss significantly less time. The target date for Torain's return is Oct. 20, a Monday night game at New England.

    "That is the game that everyone now has circled," Asmus said. "It's really good news."

    Torain, a fifth-round pick from Arizona State, injured his elbow during training camp practice on Aug. 6. He had surgery two days later. Torain was having an excellent training camp and many thought he could become Denver's primary tailback -- starting the season in a rotation with starter Selvin Young.

    Denver loves Torain's size (6-foot-1, 225 pounds) and speed. He is a downhill runner who is perfectly suited for the Broncos' zone-blocking style.

    Asmus said Torain is rehabilitating and is recharged by this latest news.

    "Ryan is encouraged by this," Asmus said. "Now it looks like he may be back for a significant part of the season."

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    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.

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    That is great news!! He looks huge on the pic on the broncos home page. I would love to see him come back and start for us. I don't think young will carry us very far.


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      excellent news.

      no reason to put him on IR now if he'll be back by the 7th game


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        I just realized ill be at that game in I hope he comes back! I love being at the debut of players.

        Seattle game at home in '06! Best night ever.

        And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.


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          Great News

          I deffinatly want him back to see what he can do, but does anyone else feel he looks really big, but according to the stats he is the same weight as Selvin and Hall, and only 2 inches taller.


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            That's good news, but it does not mean he will step on the field as soon as his elbow is okay. He will lose significant time with this injury. But it's good to know he is having a quick recovery. I want to see Ryan "The Train" Torain in action!!!


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              Good to hear.

              I'm still worried that he'll be an injury plagued player.

              For his tough inside running, he sure runs very high for a RB, which puts him at risk every time he touches the ball.

              Hopefully with practice and coaching, he can learn to run lower.


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                That's great news, but...

                The New England game is the last game I want him debuting in.

                In my opinion, that's the biggest game of the year for us (Unless we wind up being awful to start the year), and throwing a rookie out there with no experience after he's been injured in that kind of game is not a good idea.

                Let him play in the game AFTER that.



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                  Originally posted by Gr3yStreet View Post
                  I just realized ill be at that game in I hope he comes back! I love being at the debut of players.

                  Seattle game at home in '06! Best night ever.
                  was my first game ever!!

                  and this is good news... i hope he comes back sooner...

                  he has huge potential!!



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                    I will also be at that NE game
                    Thanks Sporting4life!

                    Welcome to Denver Von Miller!!

                    Originally posted by MarshallMoss
                    My bet is open to anyone. 7 sacks minimum playing at least 14 games in 2011. I will eat crow if I am wrong, and will cp everyone who takes my offer. If you lose, you will be happy to send a cp my way![/B]
                    Bet Taken! Although i hope you win


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                      I've been hard on the RBs since last year. However, I will change my tune if Torain steps up, so this is very good news. But I wouldn't rush the young guy. When he is ready, lets see if he has what it takes to carry the load and stay healthy. By getting him for 1/2 the season, we will know what (if any) key personnel changes will be required in 09.


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                        Just saw this on, great news, I can't think of a better day to comeback and imagine how excited he's gonna be to play them

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                          Good stuff. Keeping him off IR is in everyone's best interest. The sooner torain can get playing time, and the sooner the Broncos can benefit from his talents the better. Putting him on IR would have slowed his development and the Broncos would be down a back.


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                            Not trying to be the bad guy here but aren't some of you going a little too far?

                            Wouldn't it be in Torain's best interest to sit out the New England game and instead just let him get comfortable with the offense again and back into playing form in that 1st week? There is no benefit of rushing him onto a field the weekend of his return after being out 2 months?

                            Plus what if Torain gets absorbed into all the hype of being great and ends up doing poorly against a good Patriot defense? It would hurt his confidence.

                            edit: The game after NE is Miami, what better way to introduce the rookie to the NFL?
                            Last edited by mx_stiles13; 08-22-2008, 07:50 AM.


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                              I think many on this board have already touted him as being the next great back without him playing one NFL down. Granted he has to be better than what we currently have but I will reserve annointing thim until he proves himself. I just hope he comes back healthy and proves himself on the field not injust during practice. I'm not expecting to much but if he gives alot then I will be very happy.