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What is Jack Williams

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    Originally posted by DBroncs3 View Post
    "Is he a All off the Above and more like Champ Bailey"

    lmao thats good man

    24's got u lockkkeddd uppp!
    24's getting old


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      Originally posted by 15thebeast View Post
      What is Jack Williams.
      Is he a Shut down Corner like Nnamdi Asomugha
      Is he a Physical Corner like Al Harris
      Is he a Smart Corner like Chris McAlister
      Is he a Play making Corner like Asante Samuel
      Is he a Pure Speed Corner like DeAngelo Hall
      Is he a Risk Taking Corner like Dre Bly
      Is he a All off the Above and more like Champ Bailey

      Please some tell me what he is i can not work out how he plays from pre-season or tapes of him at college.
      LOL, Hes a rookie that hasn't even done anything in the preseason to rate us asking this question...In fact I honestly dont even think I've ever heard his name except on draft day and on these boards.
      GO BRONCOS AFC Champs!!!