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    The only way that Hackney even makes the team is if Ramsey's elbow injury turns out to be serious. And even in that case, you have got to believe that the team will then go out and try and acquire another quarterback. You have to be completely delusional to think that Hackney is ready to play in an NFL game. He has never done it and likely will never do it. He has been an extra arm on the practice squad and in training camp, that's it.

    For all of you that don't like Ramsey, I understand. I have very little confidence in his decision making, but I do know that if Cutler goes down, he has the physical ability to get things done. Don't forget that he was a first round draft pick. Men much smarter than any of us judged that he had the ability to play at this level. And he has, not at the level that was expected, but at least at a high enough level to keep him around the league.


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      Ramsleez sucks. I hope they cut him.