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Someone update me on Quick 6 Anthony Alridge.

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    Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
    Alridge had a special year his senior season as well.

    1567 yards rushing with a 6.5 average and 14 TD's, 42 catches for 428 yards and 5 TD's. 225 yards rushing and 88 receiving against Oregon(9.3avg), and 100 yards rushing(5.9avg) and 94 yards receiving against Alabama.

    Although maybe not quite like Sproles, I'd say that's pretty damn impressive in it's own right.
    Oh i totally agree, Alridge definatly had an amzing season no doubt. I was just disagreeing with your thought about how Darren Sproles never made a name for himself before the NFL, cause he was a beast in college.

    - On a side note they did have pretty similair stats while at college but somehow the much smaller Sproles got drafted in the 4th round while Alridge went undrafted? Seems kind of strange. why do you think that happend?
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