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Nate Jackson vs. Tony Scheffler

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    I think people rate scheff a little higher around here than what he should realistically warrant. You see flashes of his talent in between injuries. So right now I would say Nate (even though I have thought he deserved to get cut and never was the last few years). But Nate is the preseason Tony. Lots of talent with a history of injuries. So I assume he will get hurt this week before the oakland game. Then it will be Tony again
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      Originally posted by stnzed View Post
      If it were not for Mike Shanahan, Jackson would be out of the league, so obviously the answer is Nate Jackson. It's good to be the Kings boy......
      Could Nate Jackson be the most overhyped player among a fanbase in the history of the NFL?

      The dude has a grand total of 16 catches in 6 seasons.

      Not bad for a WR converted receiving TE who pretty much has a job with the same team in the NFL until he retires.