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Acording to we're going to go 8-8

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    If Jacksonville, or Dallas makes the SuperBowl, I will eat my shorts.


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      Originally posted by Freyaka View Post
      And the chargers will be playing the saints (yea right) in the superbowl.
      From the article

      AFC West

      1. San Diego (13-3) -- Nowhere will the gap between the first and second-place team be more pronounced than in the AFC West, which San Diego in essence has owned since 2004. With those two playoff victories of last January under their belts, the Chargers are much more confident, less mercurial team. And did I mention they're driven to beat the Patriots?

      2. Denver (8-8) -- We'll know plenty about these Broncos right off the bat, because they have home games against San Diego and New Orleans -- my two Super Bowl teams -- in Weeks 2 and 3. If they've made improvement, it's only marginal. The Broncos are 16-16 since winning the division in 2005, and more of the same .500 dance is on the way.

      3. Oakland (5-11) -- If second-year quarterback JaMarcus Russell blossoms in what will amount to his rookie season, the Raiders could surprise some people this year and make a move toward the middle of the pack in the AFC. But for a team that has had the reverse Midas Touch on personnel for the past five years, that's a bit to ask and hope for.

      4. Kansas City (3-13) -- Yes, it was a draft to remember, but then the preseason started and reminded everyone just how far Kansas City's rebuilding effort has to go. This year I can't even see the last-place Chiefs getting off to a hopeful getaway like last season's team, which was 4-3 en route to 4-12. It could be brutal from Week 1 on, when K.C. draws the dubious assignment of opening on the road in Foxboro.
      1.My question is does he know that Merriman aka the core of their defense will d*** near be hobbling with 2 ligament tears in his knee. But their offense should do well...
      2.Better O-Line,QB looks primed, RB's solid, D-Line pass rush subject, Run stop looking good, better LB's, CB the elite CB is still elite lol, Bly is okay, Safety can actually cover the pass, no disrespect to John Lynch
      3.The Faiders have no receivers even (BIG IF) if Russell does bloom. Like really all that have is a rookie RB who may or may not blossom, and an average at best QB.
      4. Chiefs are in rebuild mode, its gonna take them a couple of years to get to .500, IMO
      2010 Draft
      1st Round- ILB: Rolando McClain (Alabama)
      2nd Round- DE: Allen Bailey (Miami)
      3rd Round- C: Stefen Wisniewski (Penn State)
      4th Round- CB: Walter Thurmond (Oregon)
      6th Round- KR/PR: Brandon Banks (KSU)
      7th Round- RB: Stafon Johnson (USC)

      FA Signings-
      NT: Casey Hampton
      OG: Logan Mankins

      "Veni, Vidi, Vici"


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        Yeah I was...

        Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
        And whats with him saying San Diego has owned the division since 2004? Didn't we sweep them in 04 and 05? And one of the games in 05 was with our backups. that game in 05 in Denver in which they WON. Really credible story there. I remember Champ returning that infamous INT for a touchdown. Remember, everyone has their opinion and that always changes as a season progresses when the cream rises to the top. Preseason picks usually make me laugh because it's usually off base somewhat.
        Be jealous haters...I am the #1 Broncos fan no matter what your car tag says


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          Neither the Saints or Chargers are going to the dance. New Orleans especially, that's just a ridiculous pick.

          Us going 8-8, on the other hand...