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Where did the "Genius" Go? (Good Article on Shanahan)

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    This is not our year anyway, so I would hope most of you should feel compelled to temper your expectations.
    We need one more great draft and a very weak schedule, with another year under the belts of the existing O line.


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      Originally posted by stnzed View Post
      ......Same me.

      The fact is, since the SB years, Shanahan has done what he's done with mostly average talent.

      He's a brilliant coach, and everybody knows it......even Kizla......
      Kiszla is also the one Denver pundit that beats the "Fire Shanahan" drum the loudest - not because there are better coaches we can get, but simply because he doesn't know enough about football to add anything else to the conversation.

      He's better on baseball, but break out the pigskin and he's mostly all mouth.
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        Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
        I totally and completely disagree with you. Every team basically runs the same plays. Every WR in the NFL, has the same routes. There are only so many places for the RB to run once being handed teh ball. Thus its not KNOWING their playbook that makes the difference in games... its WHEN they are called and HOW they are called.

        What do you think the WR could tell the Raiders that the DC in Oakland didn't already know? Why do you think guys like Ron Jaworski can break down film and TELL you what the play was supposed to be, and how the QB or WR made the wrong read..after seeing the defense line up??? You think Ron KNOWS the team's playbook???

        Absolutely! That's the reason the former players and coaches who do play-by-play and color commentating say that it's all about teams trying to get favorable matchups, whether that be isolating a LB on a WR, getting the FB in position to total the MLB and open the hole or getting your star pass-rushing DE in a position where he isn't being double-teamed.
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          Here is one way to look at just how much of a offensive Mastermind Mike Shanahan is & honestly I think very few can be compared for that matter...Look at each year he has coached the Broncos and where the Broncos finished in total yards offense in each of them years.In the years the Broncos didn't finish inside the top 10 think of the circumstances that they faced during that season...

          '95 3
          '96 1
          '97 1
          '98 3
          *'99 14
          '00 2
          *'01 22
          '02 3
          '03 7
          '04 5
          '05 5
          *'06 21
          *'07 11

          You can compare this list to any great and soon to be HOF coach names like Holmgren,Dungy,Belichick but keep in mind Mike Shanahan only had his HOF QB for 4 years and lets say someone like Tony Dungy who has had his for six...I know Dungy has never been considered an offensive coach per say but what Payton Manning can do on offense has been the strength of the Colts ...
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            All I know is that I think we have the next three headed monster in Denver,

            Cutler, Marshall, and Young, this year then torian next year...So eve if this year has the possibility of sucking, I dont think it will, we have a great future ahead of us.
            GO BRONCOS AFC Champs!!!